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July 14, 2024
Bodybuilder Troy Moore Tribute

Bodybuilder Troy MooreTroy Moore Official Web site:

Troy Moore Biography


I started training during wrestling in High School at 12 Pounds weight class and College. Went onto Nassau Community College for Fine Arts and Fashion Design,as well as wrestling at 118 Pounds Then went onto Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I had to stop wrestling due to a severe auto accident in 1983. After two years of Therapy and Rehabilitation, I began training and going back to school for Fashion and Graphic Design. While going to school I started developing my physique, Training at Mr. America's, Steve Michalik's Gym in Farmingdale, Long Island. Then moved on after that gym had shutdown, to Pro Bodybuilder Tom Terwilliger's Maximum Fitness Gym. That's where I really made great gain's and learned how to train and diet from one of the best training partner's and good friend's in the late 80's into the early 90's. Tom had showed me the rope's on pre-contest dieting. Along the way the influence of friend's in the gym to compete in Body Building shows.

Bodybuilder Troy Moore


Motivation truly has to come from within. External motivation may get you going, but to hang in there for the long haul, you have to want it for yourself, no one else can do that for you. Your mind is a very powerful tool. You can use it to build stumbling blocks in your life that slow down your progress or you can use it to jump the hurdles in your life and keep moving full speed ahead


Everyone competes for different reasons and no one can tell you what your reason is, you have to find it yourself. There is no perfect formula or secret out there. I think that you get out of competing what you put in. If you give your all, you will feel rewarded in the end regardless of whether you are 1st or 15th. Somewhere down the road, I realized that this is a journey that could take awhile, with a lot of learning along the way, but that the destination was well worth the long trip.

Troy Moore's Stats and Contest History

Vital Stats

Name: Troy Moore

Location: Las Vegas. Nevada, USA

Born: Sept 1st

Height: 5'4"

Off Season Weight: 205-220 lbs.

Competition Weight: 188 lbs.

Training since age 19

Arms: 18-19 "

Chest: 56

Waist: Contest (27-28) Offseason (32-33)

Quads: 31


NPC Year Competition History Placing

1989 NPC Empire States Bantamweight, 1st
1989 NPC Long Island Open Bantamweight, 1st
1990 NPC Empire States Lightweight, 2nd
1990 NPC Long Island Open Lightweight, 1st
1990 NPC Eastern USA Lightweight, 3rd
1991 East Coast Lightweight, 1st
1991 NPC Niagara Falls PRO & Amateur Grand Prix Lightweight, 1st
1991 NPC Eastern USA 3rd
1991 NPC Parkchester Championship Lightweight & Overall, 1st
1991 Men's NPC Nationals 6th
1992 NPC Eastern's USA Lightweight, 1st
1992 Men's National's Fl Lightweight, 6th
1994 NPC Suburban Championships 2nd
1994 NPC Junior USA Lightweight, 4th
1995 Florida Classic 1st
2001 NPC Grand Prix Middleweight & Overall, 1st
2001 Atlantic States Middleweight & Overall, 1st
2001 Junior Nationals ST.Louis Middleweight, 2nd
2001 Connecticut Open Overall, 1st
2001 NPC USA Championships Middleweight, 4th
2002 BodyRock Va 2nd
2002 NPC USA Championships Middleweight, 9th
2002 NPC USA Championships Middleweight, 9th
2003 NPC Junior Nationals Middleweight, 3rd
2003 NPC USA Championships Middleweight, 9t
2003 NPC Masters Nationals Middleweight, 1st

Professional Show
2006 PDI Night of the Champion's 16th

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