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Bodybuilder Victor Richards Tribute

Bodybuilder Vic Richards in FIBO

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Victor Richards Stats

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
Born: 1964
Height: 5'10"
Competition Weight: 330 lbs

Victor Richards Bio

Victor Richards has an awesome physique and has a true love for Bodybuilding. He believes that you should bodybuild for the love of it, not to win fame or trophies.
Vic Richards is known to be the worlds largest and most muscular bodybuilder of all time. Vic stands 5'10" at 370 pounds of solid muscle. He has been the only bodybuilder that has risen to the top without believing in conventional bodybuilding competition.

Vic was born 9 of 10 children of a cardiologist father and midwifery mother. Vic started weight training at age fifteen weighing 210 pounds while playing football, wrestling and running track.

Unlike most bodybuilders, Vic did not start weight training in order to become a competitive bodybuilder, training was something that came naturally to him. At age seventeen, Vic started training at Gold's Gym in Venice with his mentors David and Peter Paul-- the "Barbarian Brothers". Vic chose to train with Barbarian because of their unorthodox way of training. Unlike most bodybuilders the Barbarian Brothers incorporated power lifting and weight lifting techniques in order to build ultimate muscle mass and density.

After eight months of training at a bodyweight of 225 pounds, Vic entered his first bodybuilding contest, "The American Cup" held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Vic won the teenage heavyweight class and came in second overall to a nineteen year old veteran teen named Rich Gaspari. At eighteen years of age and weighing 240 pounds Vic competed in teenage Los Angeles winning both the heavyweight and the overall. Then, two weeks later, Vic entered a lesser contest named "The Orange County Muscle Classic". Vic came second to a local teenage contestant who had placed fourth to him two weeks earlier at the Los Angeles Championship. At the Orange County muscle classic young Vic encountered first hand the politics and corruption that plagues the sport of bodybuilding. But politics and ignorance would not stop this young hungry lion from making his statement on stage.

 At age nineteen and beefed up to 245 pounds, Vic unexpectedly showed up at the "California Gold Cup". But this time this young lion was ready to do battle with the open class instead of teenagers. By the end of the night Vic walked away with the heavyweight and overall class as he was crowned the California Gold Cup Champion. Upon his arrival to the parking lot his trophy fell apart! Vic was understandably disappointed and from there on he decided that competition should come from within and not from outward displays of hype. This unorthodox philosophy (in a sport where athletes are supposed to be physical and not philosophical) has gained Vic Richards lots of fame, infamy, and popularity around the world among bodybuilders and fitness buffs.

Despite Vic Richards' mythical physical extremes, he is not stereotypical of bodybuilders. Vic Richards attained a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Human Behavioral Science at University of Southern California.

Vic Richards' philosophy on the ultimate balance of the mind, spirit, and body has enabled him to give motivational seminars on fitness, nutrition, and psychology all around the world.

During seminars across the globe, Vic realized there was a common question people asked, and it was about quality nutrition. Most people felt that most major brands and nutrition companies were not delivering what was promised inside the products. After years of looking into this problem, Vic Richards came out with Rebel Nutrition. Vic's aim with Rebel Nutrition is to bring quality supplements to the consumers without the corner-cutting style of major brands that compromise quality and integrity by throwing fillers and preservatives into their products. Vic is one CEO that will not hide behind his label.

Bodybuilding Titles Won

1992 Nigerian Championships -- 1st and Overall
1989 Mr. Barbados -- 1st
1984 California Gold Cup Classic -- 1st
1983 Teen Los Angeles -- 1st
1982 American Cup -- 2nd

Victor Richards Video

Olympian Victor Richards

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