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May 25, 2024
Vince Anello Deadlift Legend With Interview
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

Vince Anello Becomes A Legend

Vince Anello was a strong as hell deadlifter who worked hard over the years and his day to become a super star and redefine powerlifting was about to take place! As Vince was about to deadlift nearly 4 times his body weight on his opening attempt.

The crowd looks at Vince, in shock, not knowing who this little crazy freak of nature is! The presence of Vince about to deadlift 755 changed the physics of the meet, the hearts of the lifters entered new dimensions, their chest bolted out as if they were ready to attack and at the same time if they were sharing this lift with Vince!! The evening was destined to be special! AND THE GAMES WERE ABOUT TO BEGIN!

So Vince looks at the bar, with the fire burning in his eyes, the emotional high of the crowd was running wild and the spot light was on. The pit bull living in Vince's mind was going psycho crazy and it was time for the moment of truth! The moment Vince was going to deadlift 755lbs!

So Vince grabbed the 755lbs and went for the pull! It looked like he was going to fail and the crowd thought he was done! Vince somehow survived sticking point number one and then at sticking point number 2 it looked like Vince was going to fail, but somehow he amazingly broke sticking point number 2 and then the finish came, and Vince look fried, he looked shot, but he managed to lock the weight out with his last gasp of energy. So his opener looked hard as hell, but somehow Vince got the 755 up in the most painful, hardest attempt ever! The crowd ROARED and applauded Vince, but they knew he opened with too much weight and they thought for sure that he was finished! They didn't even thought he had 5lbs left, and in fact just lifted 50lbs over his previous best and they thought it was time for Vince to throw in the towel, tap out and call it a day.

Deadlift Champ Vince Anello However, the survival of 755, gave Vince new life, the finish gave VINCE a feeling, an energy rush, which he never felt before! His spirit was high and charged up at maximum intensity and at the same time his soul became dark, crooked which created the most evil the deadliest combination ever-- and Vince turned this positive kundalini and demons charged up into a complete focus to NAIL 800lbs! Nearly 50lbs more weight than the opener which he was sooo lucky to hit.

So Vince gets back out on the plat form, ready to attack 800lbs! The FURY raced through the crowd's energy systems, their blood boiled, and the ENERGY of the place was cranked soooo high, that nobody knew where they were, they thought they were on another PLANET and they all knew that something special was about to happen, if that one in a million chance that Vince could get the 800lbs up...

As the crowd was thinking "Vince is done", Vince on the other hand had other plans. Vince took his philosophical mindset and said "I will have the ability to accept the moment, what will be, will be". And he was going to give it his all..So Vince gets into his "automatic mode" and got ready for the pull!

As Vince grabs the 800lbs barbell, The 100 billion neurons and nerve cells in the crowd's mind was roaring, impossible, .but Vince with an empty mind, seeing the weight clearly, grabs the bar and goes for the pull....

He pulled it, and it looked like shit, everyone thought he was dead! However, regardless of what they thought, he back pulls the lift, the weight starts to move and the weight was moving. The crowd looks at Vince and it looks as if he was burning alive, the pain, and the intensity, was beyond words, beyond what anyone can ever say. Somehow, though, the impossible, the unthinkable happened, Vince finished 800lbs! Vince's courage, his heart and his in testicular fortitude was bigger than water melons! It was as if something in the air, like extraterrestrial, but it happened he finished 800lbs! The emotional high of the crowd shut down, there emotions were suppressed and they nearly went unconscious due to the intensity!

Well. As all this happened, the heart of Vince, hiddenly, secretly, growled LOUDER and LOUDER...Vince's next attempt was on.

They announced it- 825! 825 Was announced for Vince's next attempt!!!!! Here came Vince.......HE WAS COMING UNDER FIRE...


The f ucker went up to 825, he grabbed it, the physics of the energy of the place was powerful, Vince came this far, nothing was going to stop him now, but death! And here came Vince, ready for the kill, ready to make history happen, the energy of the crowd reflected Vince's intensity, as it internally echoed VINCE- VINCE- VINCE!!! And Vince grabs 825, with all his intensity pushed into the weight and he back lifted the weight! It looked terrible, as bad as the 745 (nearly 100lbs less), and it seemed as he failed.

But, he didn't Vince so slowly moved inch by inch and he FINISHED THE WEIGHT!!!! OH MY GOD, CHILL BUMPS, RACED UP EVERYONE'S ARMS!!! Vince, Anello made history, Vince became a star!!!! Vince changed powerlifting forever!!!

A legend was born and Vince started a matrix, his attitude, his blood, sweat and tears were internalized by the other powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes around the world which is now carrying and spreading into the hearts and souls of others which carries onto every generation.

Everyone will look at the old school LEGEND, Vince Annello and thank him for what he did! Vince had just displayed one of the most hardcore displays of guts in the history of sports. .

..... I was lucky enough to interview this legend. Let's see what Vince says!

Interview with Vince Anello

Vince Anello today When we think of powerlifting legends- And the top 10 deadlifters of all time- One name that any serious powerlifting fan will come up with is VINCE ANELLO. He is in the Hall of Fame with the PLUSA strength legends! He makes the list for the all time greatest deadlifters and his legacy will always live on. As gear advances in benching, the numbers go up, deadlifting is a lift where the numbers don't change as much. When we step 200 years into the future people in powerlifting will be talking about Vince Anello as a man who started the great sport of powerlifting...It's an honor to now add Vince Anello to the site. Lets get the interview on!!!

BT: Vince, give readers some background about yourself- Where your from, your website, when you started powerlifting, what got you started etc..!

Anello: I live in Strongsville Ohio with my Girlfriend Suzanne Hoch ,Greyhound Betsey and Bird Brutus. I have a fitness Gym in Parma Ohio Anello Body Fitness.Web site www.anellobodyfitness.com I have been powerlifting since 1966, . When in elementary school I used to go to the section where they had books on exercise and getting strong. I started off as a bodybuilder until I went up to Vince's Gym in Cleveland .He persuaded me that I had more potential in Powerlifting.My first contest I benched 250 Squatted 350 and pulled 400 .I told Vince I didn't think I would ever win a trophy! When I was in elementary school I used to go in the woods and pick up heavy rocks. I was also good in wrestling I had natural strength even when young.

BT: What are your best lifts?

Anello: Squat -750 Bench 500 Deadift 821 official 880 in training at& 198

BT: The world record in the deadlift is 933, but at nearly half of the size of a super heavy weight you were only 50lbs off the record- That is incredible!! I thought the 821 was the impossible, but you did 880, wow!

Anello: yep

American Strength Legend Vince Anello BT: What exercises do you feel are the most important when going after a bigger deadlift?

Anello: I liked the negative accentuated deadlift where you start the bar from a rack ,do a slow negative to floor ,dead stop and then perform the positive. I benefited greatly from partial deadlifts and partial squats which helped my deadlift more than squats. E-mail me at anellofitness@aol.com and I will send you a routine.

BT: What are your favorite exercises when going after a big deadlift?

Anello: Ankle deadlifts. Taking bar off powerrack and lowering to pins set so bar is at top of my foot. I have pulled over 750 in that exercise.

BT: What goes through your mind before deadlifting a new record?

Anello: I don't remember .I suspend all thinking and just let it happen .When I think ,I miss the lift!!! I do not even remember being on platform when I made my World Records. When I did I missed the lift! Like Bruce Lee stated in the movie.. I do not hit, it hits I can relate to that mindset.

BT: well on a level of entertainment- Throw us a funny story.

Anello: In 1977 while rooming with Lamar Gant in Perth Australia .Lamar had won his class the previous day .Lamar and I are good friends and we always enjoyed going out to various places looking for girls!!!Lamar went out to celebrate his win but I had to stay in the room and try to sleep, as I was lifting the next day. In the middle of the night there was a knock on the door I answered the door and 5 gorgeous ladies who Lamar had brought up to meet me jumped on me and began to get amourous.As I had to lift in the Worlds the next Mourning ,I had to do the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!!! I had to throw out all the ladies in order to get needed rest!!! It was worth it however .I won the Worlds and pulled a new world record 810 at 198. Lamar rewarded me by bringing one of the ladies to the site to meet me. We all went out , me ,the lady and Lamars lady and had one hell of a wild 3 days!!!! Me and Lamar arrived at the airport 2 min before the plane left for the USA!!! The other team members had a tour of Perth . Me and Lamar had our own Tour OHH YEEEESSS!!!!!

BT: What a story- So what routine works best Vince?

Anello: One must constantly experiment. There is no best routine .The body gets accustomed to the same routine and will not respond I liked to change the routine periodically to keep progressing

BT: What are your top five training philosophies?

Anello: 1)Seek advice from experienced lifter ,but ultimately one has to experiment and determine what is best for them and don't overtrain. 2) Lets all get along-We are all Powerlifters ,part of THE STRONGEST SPORT IN THE WORLD!!! 3) HAVE A GREAT PASSION TO SUCCEED!!!! Without that nothing else will work!!! Attack your goals with a Pitbull mindset. 4) set goals and to go after them with the passion of a pitbull!!! Do not release your grip on a goal until it is achieved!!! 5) The most important thing I learned is to be able to accept the moment, what will be will be.

BT: Vince, in closing what would you like to tell CRITICAL BENCH?

Anello: May God Bless all my brothers and sisters at CRITICAL BENCH!


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