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February 5, 2023
Coolmax® Clothing is "Battle-Tested" Workout Assault Gear
by Chris Young

Coolmax® In Combat

Workout Assault Gear You won't find conditions more extreme than those our troops are facing in the Middle East each day. With temperatures soaring above 120 degrees F during the hottest season, dehydration and heat exhaustion are the very first enemies our troops must face. So it's no wonder that some of the most innovative companies in America are racing to develop the next generation of performance fabrics with the hope of easing the burden on our brave men and women in the armed forces.

One such company that is known for producing some of the world's most technically advanced materials is Invista. In fact, Invista is division of the Dupont Corporation - a multi-billion dollar company with a 200 year history and respected track record for research and development. With those kinds of resources and experience behind it, you can be sure that this is no run-of-the mill operation. The Invista division specializes in creating unique fabrics for specialized applications. So it's not surprising that they are the inventors of Coolmax® - an innovative new fabric that outperforms everything else on the market hands down.

Workout Assault Gear At every level of combat, the technical advantages provided by Coolmax® increase a soldier's operational effectiveness and enhance physical performance. The fabric employs specially-engineered polyester fibers to improve "breathability" compared to natural fibers like cotton. In fact, in testing conducted against competing fabrics, Coolmax® has proven to have the fastest drying rate. This is really no surprise considering that cotton absorbs and retains 14 times more moisture than Coolmax®, and polypropylene does not wick moisture away from the skin. Coolmax® is proven to keep our soldiers drier and more comfortable than any other fabric while providing quick-drying, year-round performance.

The Science Behind This Amazing Material

Coolmax® technology is now finally available to the public. It's not cheap, but you'll notice the difference the very first time you put it on. The unique characteristics of Coolmax® fabrics are permanently built right into the fiber, requiring no chemical treatments like many other wicking fabrics. It's produced using proprietary polyester fibers with uniquely engineered microchannel cross-sections. This enables Coolmax® to be fast drying and breathable while it also resists fading, shrinking and wrinkling. But its most valuable benefit is probably its ability to have a positive effect on core body temperature. In a real-world setting, here is what you can expect out of clothing made from Coolmax®:

Staying Cool and Dry Allows For Better Focus · Don't be distracted by a swampy t-shirt weighed down with sweat

Staying cool requires less energy · Wearing Coolmax® helps maintain hydration, so less sweat is needed to stay cool

Coolmax® lowers the heart rate, saving energy for enhanced performance · Difference in heart rate of a Coolmax wearer can be 14beats/min less than a cotton wearer

Coolmax® In The Gym

It's no secret that water is absolutely essential for maximum athletic performance. The faster you lose water, the faster you lose strength and endurance. Both laboratory results and field performance confirm that Coolmax® performance fabrics surpass the competition by offering superior wicking, faster drying times, outstanding breathability, and unsurpassed comfort. Less stress on your body caused by dehydration and overheating is going to leave more energy to make gains. That's why, for the serious athlete who spends hours each week in a swampy cotton T-shirt, the benefits of Coolmax® will be appreciated immediately. These shirts are getting so popular that one company (Coolmax-clothing.com) is offering Coolmax® shirts specifically for the serious gym crowd. They've even come up with some cool designs that pay respect to the weightlifting culture. It's about time that an athletic apparel company created garments especially for the hardcore weightlifter. For years we've been ignored, while virtually every other sport under the sun has their own clothing section in the local sporting goods stores. So if you would like to check out this new line of clothing designed for serious training, just go to: www.coolmax-clothing.com

Workout Combat Gear


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