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September 21, 2023
Bodybuilder Yumon Eaton Tribute

Yumon Eaton HistoryBodybuilder Yumon Eaton

I have always been interested in sports, football especially. As a child I was always too small and fragile to play though. My mother feared that I would get hurt. When I got in high school and I was able to make a few decisions on my own, however, I decided to join the football team.

After my first year I was told by my coach that he would be moving me from cornerback to running back. I knew that I would need to gain some weight if I were to play running back at the varsity level, since I only weighed about 115lbs. I tried eating and various weight gaining plans, but nothing seemed to work. I have always had a super-fast metabolism, so eating alone wasn't going to get it. I knew what I needed to do, so I turned to weight training.

The Present:

It seems that all of my hard work is finally paying off. I competed in my first show (Bodybuilding) a couple of months ago and did really well. I placed first in my weight class and first overall. I was also awarded Bodybuilding.com's best teen bodybuilder of the year for 2006. The Future:

As of now, it seems that my future in this sport (Bodybuilding) will be very promising. I plan on competing in both bodybuilding and powerlifitng in the years to come. Stats

Name: Yumon Eaton
Age: 20
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180


NPC South Florida Championships: 1st lightweight & 1st overall (teen division) Florida State University Bench Press Championships: 1st (179 lbs class)

Yumon Eaton Bodybuilding Pictures

Yumon Eaton Yumon Eaton
Yumon Eaton Bodybuilder Yumon Eaton

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