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September 30, 2023

Advanced Fitness Product Deals

Advanced Fitness Products

Advanced Fitness Products Our company was incorporated in the state of Ohio in mid 1992, for the express purpose of manufacturing and distributing the Manta Ray?. We spent years exploring what exercises brought about the fastest results and found those movements were often loaded with negative aspects. Our goal is to find ways to reduce, or eliminate the negatives while leaving all the benefits in place. We feel that no matter what a persons fitness related goals are, they are not forwarded by crushing soft tissue with a narrow steel bar.

Advanced Fitness, Inc. is a small company and we like it that way. We want to develop and market a small number of exceptional products to a small group of exceptional people. You can always expect great products, at a fair price, with superior service. In fact, 74% of our business is generated from customer referrals... so if you are happy with our service, please tell your friends!


Advanced Fitness Products


Best Selling Most Popular Advanced Fitness Products

Manta Ray - Use A More Erect Posture
Manta Ray product


Sting Ray - Easy Bar Control For Front Squats
Sting Ray Product


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