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June 22, 2024
Amino Acid Function
by Zach Bashore

Amino acids are found in many of the foods you eat. Knowing how they are beneficial to your body will make you want to get up and hit the nearest supplement store as soon as possible. In this article you are going to learn what amino acids are, what they do for your body, and in my opinion, the most effective amino acids for a better body.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. When you eat a food that is high in protein, your body digests the protein into individual amino acids and short links of amino acids that are small enought to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The primary functions of amino acids are to build and repair muscle tiessue, but the benefits go beyond that. These things produce chemicals that allow our brains to function at its highest potential.

Now that you`ve learned what amino acids are and what they do for your body, it`s time to learn the difference between essential and non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body. You can get them by eating complete protein foods or from a combination of incomplete vegetables. The nine essential amino acids include histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, and valine. The thirteen non-essential amino acids are alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, cysteine, cystine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, serine, and tyrosine.

The most effective and beneficial supplements in any bodybuilder`s arsenal are branch chain amino acids or BCAA`s because they metabolize in the persons muscles, rather than in their liver. Other good amino acids that are sold seperately or combined in many of the supplements you buy are leucine, taurine, and glutamine. Leucine provides ingredients for the manufacturing of other components in the body, which are utilized for the production of energy, stimulants to the brain, and helps you feel more alert. Taurine supplements can be used to counter the effects cause by human aging. The effects of human aging taurine can help with are energy problems, digestive and mental problems, and premature death. Glutamine is another supplement used in the bodybuilding and fitness industry because of its ability to maintain muscle mass while trying to shed fat. However, bodybuilders are not the only people who benefit from the use of glutamine. Elderly people, those who suffer from trauma, cancer, and immune deficiencies also benefit from supplementing with glutamine.

Explaining amino acids in a non-scientific article was one of my goals before writing this, and I hope that the beginning bodybuilders could understand this article. Remember that consumption of to many amino acids is worse than consuming to little. Don`t think that just because something good for you that you need to take more than the recommended dosage. Until next time, see ya.


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