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September 30, 2023

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Life on Earth is made possible by the miraculous and wondrous natural organic compounds known as amino acids. All living creatures and every plant that grows upon this planet, share exactly the same amino acids. What makes us different from the grass on the ground or the birds in the air, is how these life giving compounds get arranged.

AminoGenesis Supplements Amino acids are the building blocks of every structure in your skin. Essential skin proteins like collagen, elastin, lipids and all cellular tissues are made from amino acids. In addition, amino acids perform enumerable other functions in your skin. Amino acids are the main component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor, (also known as the NMF). The NMF performs the function of holding and regulating the water content in your skin.

Several years ago our world class team of doctors, chemists and researchers set out to harness the power of amino acids. After over a decade of research and testing, the original AminoGenesis formula was created. From the very beginning the results people experienced astounded our research team.

The man responsible for the AminoGenesis formula is Dr. T. Joseph Lin, Ph.D. Dr. Lin is a scientist, consulting chemical engineer, author and lecturer with diverse experience in many areas of science and technology. He is an expert on emulsion technology and the pioneer of Low-Energy Emulsification (LEE), an energy and time-saving emulsification method which is the key to the AminoGenesis formula. A specialist on process development engineering, scale make-up, trouble-shooting of manufacturing problems, surface chemistry, solubilization and applications of surface active agents, Dr. Lin has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and formulating a wide-range of cosmetic products, particularly skin-care and hair-care products. He is knowledgeable on applications of raw materials for cosmetic products.

Aminogenesis Supplements

He covers diverse areas including advice on research and development, emulsion technology, product formulations, trouble shooting of formulation and manufacturing problems, process engineering, formulating global marketing strategy and government regulations.

Dr. Lin has authored over 50 scientific papers and has lectured all over the world. In 1987, Dr. Lin served as International Coordinator for the first and very successful International Cosmetic Expo ’87 in Beijing China.

On December 6, 2001, Dr. Lin was awarded the prestigious Maison G. deNavarre Medal Award by the US Society of Cosmetic Cahemists at their annual meeting in New York City. Since 1948 the SCC’s Medal Award has been given annually to a scientist who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the art and science of cosmetic research. This annual award, presented by the Board of Directors of the US Society of Cosmetic Chemists, is the organization’s highest honor and Dr. Lin was the first ever recipient from the California Chapter.

The AminoGenesis formula is the result of years of research and development and it is truly the most scientifically advanced skin care formula available today.

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