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Arnold Classic Weekend 2007

Ben Tatar's Trip to the 2007 Arnold - Day 1

First Person I Had My Pic Taken With Was Kaz

Kaz - World's Strongest Man Legend

My friend Bill and I pose with Kenny Gipson...Huge Arms!

Kenny Gipson with me and Bill

This is big Tony Scrivins. Tony is a pro strongman with the biggest hands of any man that I have ever seen. Tony has one of the strongest grips in the world as there are photos of him in monster muscle magazine deadlifting 1000lbs off a block. (Just to hold a 1000lbs in your hands is nuts.)

pro strongman Tony Scrivens

Random fitness model to the left. Than I got to chat with focused Mike Wolfe that was getting ready to compete in powerlifting the next day. I love talking bench.

random model powerlifter Mike Wolfe

Don't remember the first girls name. The second one is Sylvia, and the third one is Wendy. What booth did they work at? I don't know :)

random model fitness model fitness model

Pro Bodybuilder Chris Cormier. He seems like a nice guy, but there were a lot of people fighting for his attention. He still took the time to hold up my Critical Bench tshirt.

Bodybuilder Chris Cormier

Okay after talking to strongmen and bodybuilders, I like to chit chat with some spokes models.

random model fitness model

This is actually a friend of mine from high school named Zach...He's 6'6 tall. I used to wrestle around with him and it was fun catching up on old times and discussing the strength game.


This is a friend I made named Jess. Pretty flexible, wouldn't you say?

random model

fitness model

fitness model

The strongman contest was a fun event and so was the powerlifting.. What made the powerlifting contest so interesting was that ANDY BOLTON set a new all time total in powerlifting. Andy Bolton defeated Gary Frank's all time powerlifting total! Not only did Bolton beat Franks Total but Bolton also beat Mike Miller's all time squat record. So, on this day Andy Bolton was the man talked about and the strength hero! Bolten is the world's strongest powerlifter ever under the arnold's conditions for all big men. I also saw the strongman and MORE records were broken! Savkisus (i gotta check the spelling,) set a deadlifting record of 1,016lbs! No deadlift suit or anything, but on the bar were tires... HE GOT IT!!! Then he tried 1,062lbs and got it half way up..

Pictures are seen below!!! The powerlifting and strongman show ROCKED!!!

strongman powerlifting

That wraps up Day 1. Join me for Day 2's Pics at the 2007 Arnold.

Model again

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