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October 19, 2021
Featured Athlete Profile for Ben Tatar
by Chris Mitchell and Andrew Francis of saynotosteroids.com

Congrats to Ben Tatar (www.criticalbench.com) of Queensbury, NY for becoming The Male Athlete Of The Month for October. At only 24 years old, Ben has achieved more in his life than most people at 64 years old. He has so many accomplishments, we honestly can't even mention them all. However, here are just a few of his many accomplishments:

He is a strength coach at sports camps, helping out with plyometrics, agility drills, and the foot ladder. He models for sports brochures. He works as an editor for a newspaper called "The Chelydra Snappy Views". He gets over 200 google searches a month. As a writer, he has been published in big name weightlifting magazines such as Ironman and Monster Muscle for the past 5 years. He also writes for youthhockeyonline.com and sells ebooks. He plans on getting published for the rest of his life as a hobby. He also has two new websites coming out in the near future called: www.strengthfiles.comand www.tatarpower.com. I asked Ben why he chooses to "Say No To Steroids", and here is what he said:

I say no to the pervasive trend of steroids because steroids will ruin your mind, health, body and life! Steroids will also prevent you from being the best in bodybuilding, powerlifting and athletic success! Remember, being the best is about WILL POWER, believing in yourself and understanding that training is a process that we go through and not an objective that we reach! If you take steroids it shows the sign of a mentally weak person and if you can't master your mind (because steroids give you so many shadows and health problems along the side) then you can't maximize your gains because all the inner powers from within you are stronger than steroids! So make your inner powers conscious and you will never need to take steroids.

Ben Tatar on left Being the best all comes down to who has the most guts, who is the most insane in the head to accomplish the most insane feats, who is going to push themselves the hardest, who has the most persistence to fight guts, who has the most heart, intensity, endures the greatest amounts of pain, and who has the instincts to know when to back off and will make the greatest sacrifices in preparation for their goals! It's a battle with will power. The mentally strong will win!

So, say no to steroids, set goals be un-attainable, and never set a mental barrier. This journey is unlimited and enjoy the whole experience and learn from all of them! Always ask yourself helpful questions, brighten feelings that help, diminish feelings that get in the way and learn to love the pain of training. On top of that, allow training to teach you lessons about life! Watch training heal your soul, build more passion into your heart, put iron into your mind and a billion dollar vehicle for a body will be your's! Allow the weights to help you overcome your shadows, learn from their potent messages and embrace them into a MAXIMUM SELF! Once you find your maximum self, keep pushing it and watch it become stronger day in and day out! Learn from the lessons that the weights teach you! Now watch your authenticity, enlightenment, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual powers grow! And let all this greatness carry into other environments in life!

athlete profile When asked what accomplishments he is proud of, Ben replied: At 5'10, I can slam dunk, I locked out 710 on the bench press, I benched 205 for 30 reps, squatted 730 for 1, I've bench pressed over 400lbs, 405X23 with the hanging band press, and 455 for 10. My best Deadlift is 405x10. I've done 40 pull ups, and I've pulled trucks in strongman competitions. I am a regular contributor to Iron Man Magazine, and Monster Muscle. I have my own site coming out called www.strengthfiles.com. I have written over 100 articles and interviews, talking to some of the best in the game. Away from the gym, I can run a 4.7 40 yard dash. I have won ping pong tournaments and tennis competitions. I am a writer and interviewer for www.criticalbench.com, and I've also recently finished writing an ebook. Also, since I don't use steroids, I have integrated my wholeness and therefore I am happy with myself and my life. I've also inspired hundreds of people and have made them feel better about living life as them. Now, if I was on steroids, I wouldn't have the heart to help. I wouldn't have the mind to think clearly, and I couldn't over power my mind because steroids would have the best of me. If I was on steroids, I would be like the kid that I was in middle school: angry, frustrated, and someone who didn't want to live life. I've used the weights to help me overcome adversities such as: meningitis, rage and a life where I was constantly getting into trouble. So, I want to save you all now before making a decision that you will regret: "Say No To Steroids" and you will always be a true champion!

Bench Bench Pressing Final words from Ben: Remember, I never took a steroid in my life and I have ectomorph genetics. I just listened to my monster! I would feed the monster, release the monster, and attack the weight with fury! Do this everytime and you will be too strong to ever want to take steroids! Say no to steroids! Let every experience be your writ of passage for greater growth and to gain new credentials! You will become successful in thousands of different ways if you learn from all of them. Let the iron help you overcome adversity and always remember that your adversity is the quickest root for growth and success! Your growth will be internalized into the hearts and souls of others, creating a great matrix and allow the planet and team of the world to be stronger than ever!

For all of you who would like to contact Ben, you can email him directly at: btatar@criticalbench.comor you can check out his ebook http://www.criticalbench.com/samples/50-keys-Ben.pdf. We at saynotosteroids.com wish you all the best Ben!

Chris Mitchell and Andrew Francis


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