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September 30, 2023

Balance Bar Product Deals

Balance Bar Products

Balance Bar has always been committed to providing Smart Nutrition for Smart Living. It all started in 1992 when a group of guys (sports enthusiasts) decided they wanted to create a nutrition bar to fill the growing need for portable nutritional products that provide energy. They developed Balance Bars based on the 40/30/30 nutrition philosophy, to provide sustained energy and hunger management.

Soon, a group of professional cyclists became aware of the product, and were turned into huge fans. The company seized the opportunity to make its bar accessible to a growing health-conscious audience, and worked to spread its philosophy of healthy living to a growing mainstream audience.

Today Balance Bar continues its commitment to producing great-tasting, high-quality products designed to provide sustained energy and hunger satisfaction. Balance Bar supports many national athletic events and associations including the Balance Bar 24-Hour Adventure, Balance Bar Adventure Sprints, Balance Bar Adventure Race Camps and Clinics, and the American Junior Golf Association. Balance Bar is also a supporter of local events such as Golf Week Tournaments, Aids Walks, Cycling Events and more. In Addition, Balance Bar proudly sponsors various grassroots efforts.

Balance Bar Corporate Mission

"Make millions of people happy and healthy by providing them with the world's best-tasting, most satisfying nutritional products of the highest quality."

Balance Bar Products


Best Selling Most Popular Balance Bar Products

Balance Bars - Complete Nutrition!
Balance Bars

Balance Gold Bars - Triple Layer Flavor!
Balance Gold Bars

Balance Bare - Energy That Lasts!
Balance Bare

Carb Well Bars - Nutrition Energy Bar!
Carb Well Bars


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