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Better Abs

Believe it or not, the secret to better abs is in the mind

By Jon Benson

better abs Probably the most common question I get other than "do you lift weights?" or "how much can you bench" is, "How do you get those abs?" Not many bodybuilders carry 6-packs around the entire year, and I'm no exception. However, during a 'peaking phase', my abs are pretty decent for a guy who was once completely obese!

They're shocked at my first response, and you will be, too: "What are you thinking about when you eat? "After a few seconds of blank stares, I usually get the reply, "I don't know... never really thought about it!" "Exactly," I say. "How do you plan on getting any part of your body to respond, including your abs, without concentration on the challenge?"

However, it's more than just 'concentration' - I'm literally telling my body what I want it to do with the food I'm eating, with the workout I'm doing, and with the cardio I'm performing. I often touch my mid-section to make a stronger connection. I'm constantly visualizing myself with the abs I want. I never waver from that vision. When I do, that's when the fat loss slows down. Sounds too hocus-pocus? Give it a shot and then talk to me!

Let me give you one brief example of the power of thought on the body, (and you can see dozens more in "Fit Over 40" at http://www.fitover40.com).

In the book "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" by Malcom Gladwell, a fascinating study was noted about the power of mere association with physical performance. A group of individuals were asked to read documents that were riddled with subtle "age" words, like "prune", or "wither". They were then asked to walk to a hallway to take another test. They were not told the reason for the readings, or why the readings changed.

The result? Each time the person read more "age" words, they literally ALTERED the way they walked down the hall. Speed slowed down considerably... even posture changes were noted. They literally began to "act old". If you think this does not work in reverse, think again.

You can see dozens of ab routines inside the Fit Over 40 e-book. Every ab routine will work optimally once you change how you perceive the power of your words and your thoughts! For more information, go to http://www.fitover40.com


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