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Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews
by Zach Bashore

Benefits of Whey Protein The supplement industy has become a rapidly growing business over the years. Forget the days of creatine, chalky protein powders and basic multivitamins. There are so many different brands of products available to the public but which ones are good and which ones suck?

To many bodybuilders waste to much money on supplements than what they need to be. A proper training routine and diet does ninety percent of the bodybuilding equation. Supplements fill the other ten percent of the missing void. Many people are led to believe supplements are miracles in a bottle, but guess what? They are wrong!

There are supplements that you do need, however. A multivitamin works well because it gives your body the proper vitamins it needs. A good fat source is crucial as well. Fish oil and flax seed oil are the most common types but any EFA(Essential Fatty Acid) will work too. Protein powders, BCAA(Branched Chained Amino Acids), and glutamine are also good additions to your daily supplement regimine if you can afford them.

Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews

Other supplements such as creatine, no2, and zma`s results will depend on the individual and how well their bodies respond to the product. Don`t buy into the lies supplement companies use like the ones guaranteeing 10,000,000 times better results than that of their rivals. Companies also hire bodybuilders to promote their products but more times than not, that bodybuilder doesn`t even use the product he promotes.

So if you`re going to use supplements to achieve your fitness goals, start with the basics and use trial and error effectively as you try out new products. Don`t expect a miracle result like your are led to believe, concistency within your training, diet , and sleeping patterns will be much more effective. Until next time, Later!


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