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May 26, 2022
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Who Is Steve Konopka?

bodybuilding tips Steve Konopka is currently a professional football player for the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football Team. He plays DE and OL measuring 6'5 at a weight of 290 lbs. He has acquired NFL experience with the New York Giants in 1999. Graduated from Central Connecticut State in 1998 with a degree in Exercise Science. Konopka is co-author of The Lean Mass Program and Critical Ripped Program. Kono was voted team lineman of the year for 2005.

"Kono" is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to supplements. He'll most likely know the answer to your question right off the top of his head, without having to look it up. If you have a question regarding supplements, stacks, or training feel free to visit "Kono's Corner" in the Muscle Forum to ask him a question. Best of the forum QnA will be archived in this section.

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Q: I started an upper body workout program about 2 months ago using free weights...dumbbells and my weight bench. The only supplement I take is whey protein powder once or twice a day...either before or after workout. My diet nor my activity level has not changed other than for the weight lifting....I started out at 223 lbs I am now at 229 lbs??? What's going on? I have put on some muscle in my arms, traps and shoulders but muscle is supposed to burn fat which inturn makes one lose weight...I am gaining it which I don't want to do...is the protein powder doing it? I mix the protein powder with 1% milk and a small amount of peanut butter for taste. My friend said that she thinks the weight gain is from the muscles I put on...I train every other day and pretty intensely with supersets. Thanks. GEORGE H. NAIRN

Kono's Answer: Your weight gain more than likely is from your training. If you started a new program you might have added a few pounds of muscle and that would increase your weight. Protein shakes alone will not start making you bulk up. You need to do some cardio and tighten up your diet to lose fat. Just lifting weights will make you gain muscle but may not make you look any learner. Look at o-lineman in the NFL, strongmen and power lifters not pretty physiques but they train like animals and are strong. If you want to rip up train like it which will include a lot of cardio and strict dieting. Keep in mind muscle weighs more than fat, so you may have gained weight while reducing your body fat level. KONO

muscle weighs more than fat

Q: Hi,

I would like some advice on what body building supplements to purchase and workout routine.

My current status:

height = 5'7"
weight = 168lbs
body fat = 20%
Workout schedule = Tue\Thu\Sat\Sun

My goals:

add 10lbs of muscle
reduce body fat by 10-12%
develop lean and muscular physique (not overly concerned with huge mass)

Can you offer some suggestions on supplements? Can you reccomend a workout routine? Would it be possible to begin noticing results in 5 days? Your help is appreciated?

David ALexander

Diet down instead

Kono's Answer: David, Your goals are the same as everyone and impossible to do at the same time. You won't be able to add 10 lbs of muscle and drop 10 % of your body fat. My suggestion is to rip up and get your body fat down from 20% to about 12% which will be hard to do in itself but if you have drive and can train like an animal we can help you. By the way if you get down to 12% you will look jacked compared to what you are now because all that fat hiding your muscles will be gone. You might be 10-15 lighter but with your shirt off it won't look like it! The main goal is to get your diet in order. Cut out sugars, saturated fats, fast foods, high glycemic carbs and keep your carbs to the early part of the day. Up your protein and your fiber. Whey protein, fat burners and fish oils will help for supplements. Cardio-cardio-cardio ! Hey our new CRITICAL RIPPED program just came out this would really take all the guess work out and map everything out for you with proven results! KONO

Q: Hi Steve my name is Nick Spadola and I am a starting right guard for my football team I am going into my junior year in high school and during my sophomore year this past year I made all conference player. I am very proud of this achievement and would like to keep it going through my last two years of high school and hopefully through college. I am going to the gym when I can and am taking a weight training class during school but I also have a job and it is very hard to stay focused on football and working out while trying to keep the job and keep my grades up. The reason for me writing this letter is to ask you for any advice when it comes to conditioning or strength exercises. I would also like to know what you think about which supplements I should take. All of the supplement brands I see have big prices with big promises but I doubt that these promises are real so when I saw your articles on critical bench I knew you could help. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time good luck in your career.

Nick Spadola #67

Keep working to keep making all conference

Kono's Answer: Nick, Congrats on your all-conference selection last year! As far as working out it's something you just have to do if you want to continue being a dominate player. You can get what you need done in 45 minutes if your not hanging out between sets and talking with your buddys. In your class ask the teacher if you could do your football workout program. You should always be trying to get stronger, faster and more explosive. All your competition is trying to do the same! Hang your all-conference plaque or certificate on the back of your bedroom door and above it on some tape write EVERYONE IS TRYING TO TAKE THIS FROM YOU! So everyday you see what your training for. This is my eighth year but four years ago when I signed my first franchise player contract I taped it to my door going into my garage so everyday I saw what was on the line, my job and my livelihood! I have been a franchise player ever since and I still have the contracts posted somewhere to see everyday.

For training stick to the basics bench, squat, hang clean and push press. I tell that to all athletes because those are the most effective exercises for young athletes trying to build strength, power and explosiveness. Keep strict form and work on good technique. Core exercises are very important as well and should be done 3-4 times a week. Speed and agilities are another phase of training that must not be over looked. Agility ladders, jumping rope, plyo's and position specific drills are a must if you want to continue getting better.

The supplement issue is basically what you can afford. You can get all you protein needs from lean meats, chicken and egg whites. If your on a limited budget I would say just try some creatine. This is one supplement that is proven to increase size and strength and is not that expensive. A good brand that isn't to expensive is phosphagen hp by EAS. It is the old monohydrate version but it works very well and isn't very expensive now with the newer creatine versions out now. If there is money left over maybe some whey protein to make it easier to get all of your protein needs.

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Q: Hello I am looking for some tips involving weightlifting and my diet. I want to gain in my bench and squat by alot....but at the same time i dont wanna get all fat and whatnot, because i lost 20lbs in the last month and a half. What are some common dietary screw ups and how can they be corrected?

Kono's Answer: Congrats on your weight loss! Common screw ups I see in some of my clients is losing their drive. They get burnt out and feel complasant with there first big drop in weight. So keep things new. Try new foods, prepare old foods with different spicess and marinades. Spend a little money to make preparing your meals easier. Already grilled chicken breasts are a help. The easier it is to make healthier meals the more apt you are to keep eating them. Another mistake is thinking the same diet and training program that got the first 20 lbs off will get the next 20 off. You body adapts metabolisms will slow down as you get leaner. A big thing people tell me is they can't handle the same protein shake for that long and they stop taking it religiously. Buy two flavors of protein and rotate them all the time. It keeps the shakes from getting stale.

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Q: Hey Kono My name is Mike and I play football in NJ. I was wondering what you think of IDS's sostonol 250. I heard of side affects and other bad stuff but I heard of all of the good results. Please hit me back I need some help!

Kono's Answer: Mike what up? IDS's 250, i'm not to sold on that product. They are a good company and have some other good products. Novedex XT by gaspari nutrition is the only test. booster that I have actually read a legit study on and that has worked. Also when you stop taken it your body will go back to normal levels of test. not below which happens with steroids and other test boosters. This is huge because it will make retaining the gains you made on it a lot easier! KONO

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Q: Hey Steve, Love your website. Im always getting a lot of good information from your Q and A section. So i have a question of my own for you if you can help me. Im finding that now that im home for summer and working a 9-5, im getting tired really easily. I was never this tired back in school, but i think its begining to affect my workouts. I really dont think those pills from GNC will do any good, so i was wondering if you can suggest any relatively inexpensive energy drinks to me. I basically just need some kind of pick me up after work and before my workout. Thanks a lot. Tommy

Kono's Answer: No-xplode! Start with 1 scoop until you get use to it and to test your tolerance. A full serving of that stuff is 3 scoops but i wouldn't start there work your way up. Feirce by san nutrition I think is even better though for pre-workouts and horsepower by ultimate nutrition is another good one. But if money is an issue good old strong coffee is always a sure thing! I use it all the time and it' cheap. I get dunkin doughnuts coffee 1 lb bags and brew it strong. A great pre-workout mix is two cups of coffee 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein, two packs of splenda 40 minutes before you lift. I think that shake ends up costing around 40 cents. KONO

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Q: After dislocating my shoulder four weeks ago, I am scheduled to resume normal activities in two weeks. I was taking Ostio Bioflex, but found out later that it contained shell fish (of which I am allergic). I would like to speed up my rehab by taking supplements to strengthen the ligaments and tendons in the shoulder. Could you recommend a supplement that does not contain shellfish (shrimp, crab, lobster, crayfish) that would assist in my rehab? Mr. Gamble

Kono's Answer: Try cissus by prima force other than that there isn't anything I can think of. Double check the ingredients though.

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Q: If i stack No-Xplode cell mass and nitrix up are any of those products unhealthy for the body? Like in the long run will it hurt you? and do you think cell tech hardcore is better than cell mass?

Kono's Answer: For your health issues I would check with your doctor. Most supplements out there are ok for healthy adults if they are used as directed on the bottle. Long term issues I'm not sure a lot of these new products that actually work a little have only been out for a few years. I like cell mass over cell-tech hard core. Muscle tech is very over priced and a lot of there products have stuff that sounds great but actually do very little. KONO

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Q: Hi Steve, this is Will I am in the off-season trying to get stronger for football and have tried creatine monohydrate for a month without any results, is there any other alternative? Also if you have any suggestions on changing anything this is what I am current taking ON 100% whey and Universal Nutrition(r) ANIMAL PAK. Thanks very much for your help.

No results from creatine - help

There are some people who do not respond to creatine not many you are the first one I have talk to but there are others out there. First off make sure you a taking the dosage properly. You stated that your using the monohydrate version which requires a loading phase usually 20 grams a day divided into 4 doses a five grams each. Then down to 1 or 2 doses from there on out. You might want to try another version of creatine like creatine ethyl ester or kreakalyn. Your body might respond better when the creatine is attached to a different molecule and form of transportation. But I'm not a 1000% sure that it would make a change. But if it did it would be worth the test because it would equal some new strength and growth!

Another supplement for getting the most out of your workouts is Fierce by san nutrition or NO explode. They will push you through the toughest workouts and promote good strength gains. The 100% whey is a great protein powder and animal pak is a good vitamin pack but I think you would do fine with just a centrum multi-vit. Plus it will save you a lot of money. Just make sure you train hard and consistent. The gains will come if you need a good training program for football we do offer customized programs for athletes so let us know if you need help! KONO

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