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July 17, 2024
5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips On A Budget
by "The Muscle Nerd" Jeff Anderson

Budget Bodybuilding Tips The body building diet has proven to be one of the most elusive keys to success for every natural body building enthusiast. Sure, we all know it is the most important factor in growing new muscle…but following a body building diet and STILL having enough money left over for that leopard-skin thong you've had your eye on can be a challenge for anyone! (Ok…I need that visual to get out of my head!).

Here are 5 powerful tips for supporting your diet and still having enough money left over for your 401k:

Budget Tip # 1: Use A Grocery List

Wouldn't it be great if your local grocery store had its very own “Bodybuilder Aisle"? Think about it…shelf after shelf of raw meat, fresh vegetables and 6-packs of testosterone!

Ok…you can dream, right? But instead, go armed with a plan for HOW you will attack those grocery aisles by bringing along a list of all the foods you need to support your diet and DON'T buy on impulse…stick to your list!

Budget Tip # 2: Buy Carbs In Bulk

Every natural bodybuilder's pantry should be stocked with the right kind of complex carbs and fortunately you can buy potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and beans in bulk.

If the bulk bins are not available, by all means buy the larger sized containers when they're on sale. Stock up! A full pantry loaded with the essentials is a must.

Budget Tip # 3: Buy Generic

Shop for VALUE! Brand loyalties are a thing of the past as many store brand items are just as good as the highly marketed name brand foods…just CHEAPER!

Budget Tip # 4: Fruits & Veggies Are Your Friends

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals than processed foods and are a healthy and economical staple for a body building diet.

Become chums with your produce expert at the local grocery and ask for the best current deals.

Budget Tip # 5: Shop The “Outer Ring”

Remember when I said how great it would be if each grocery store had its own “Bodybuilder Aisle"?

Well, guess what? It DOES!

In fact, just about the entire “outer ring” of the store can be considered a “body building diet aisle”!

Here's what I mean…

Think about your own local store and what's located around the perimeter of the store. Most likely this is where you'll find your dairy, meats, vegetables, fruit, and fresh fish…all of which are essentials of a healthy body building diet, right?

Processed and “junk” foods are mainly found in the middle aisles so stick to the “outer ring” as much as possible and you can't go wrong.

About the Author:

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