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June 24, 2024
How To Build Muscle Training With Less Intensity
By Doberman Dan

Building Muscle Dear Friend,

The following is an excerpt from the book, Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training:

Stress, whether it be physical or emotional, places constant demands on the body, or to be exact, the central nervous system.

When the central nervous system is damaged or overloads with too many demands then some sort of breakdown, whether physical or mental, or both, will occur.

Physical stress a' la bodybuilding workouts puts stress on the central nervous system of the body. If too much physical stress is placed upon the body it will have a negative effect upon the central nervous system. This is especially true if the stress is prolonged over a period of time.

Overtraining whether it be overly intense bodybuilding workouts, or even running too many miles per week such as many runners do, depletes the central nervous system of what is called nervous energy. Nervous energy is what the central nervous system operates on and each and every one of us only has so much of this nervous energy.

If you could examine the central nervous systems of elite professional bodybuilders you would find their nervous systems gorged in extra amounts of this nervous energy. In a way it is like comparing batteries. Elite bodybuilders have car batteries while us normal people are small flashlight batteries.

To be able to handle the stress of modern intense bodybuilding workouts you have to have been blessed with a car battery central nervous system. Only these people can grow large amounts of muscle from today's training systems.

What this means to normal people is they have to be extra careful about how they use their supply of nervous energy. If they are to ever reach their true muscular potential then they would have to find a training system that could stimulate muscular growth, but not drain the central nervous system's limited supply of nervous energy.

Shocking the central nervous system affects the way the body secretes various hormones and the way the immune system does its job. A whole chemical imbalance results which sends the whole body into a state of red alert. The body starts working over time trying to regulate itself back to normal& which results in even more nervous energy demand.

When the immune system is not operating at 100% efficiency it will also not be able to neutralize the catabolic hormone cortisol.

In times of physical stress the body releases cortisol to help the body cope with the stress put on it. Unfortunately if the excess cortisol is not neutralized by the immune system then the hormone cortisol becomes catabolic which spells disaster to anyone trying to build muscle.

Until now only people blessed with highly superior central nervous systems could grow from the type of training that is practiced today. Natural bodybuilders with just average genetics were doomed to a training history of disappointment.

The Hyper-Growth Muscle Mass Training program has been specially designed for people with just normal or below normal genetics. It is unfortunate that the bulk of research that is done on building muscle and strength has been done on genetically gifted athletes. What was never taken into consideration was an average person like you and me.

The body has the potential to grow very large amounts of muscle, all it needs is the system that will work and can be adopted by anybody's genetic blue print.

Read all about it at http://www.hypermusclegrowth.com.

Over the next several weeks I'll be giving you some more information based on these concepts.

All the best,

Doberman Dan

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