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Dextrose, Sea Salt & Potassium?

By Mike Westerdal of CriticalBench.com

Wanted to share a Q&A from the mail bag for you.Dextrose - Sea Salt and Potassium

Yesterday I told you about the NEW release of Coach Ferruggia's Renegade Summer Football Strength workout.

A coach that bought this program emailed me asking what his son should do for a "hydration procedue" during hot weather workouts.

Whether it's a 2 a-days for football camp or just busting your butt in the summer heat requires proper hydration.

I don't always have the answer, but I have connections and got two really good answers that I wanted to share with everyone.

How To Stay Hydrated During Football Camp

This is what Jason Ferruggia wrote me today:

"The best thing I've found, that I I've used with great success over the last few years, is coconut water. It's the perfect sports drink.

Like nature's Gatorade, only way better for you and more effective. I recommend it to all my athletes and they have never had a problem with dehydration since we started using it. A few years ago it was impossible to find but these days a lot of health food stores and organic markets carry it. If not, you can order cases of it online.

Zico and One are the two brands I use most. Along with the gallon of water you should be drinking daily during two-a-days, you should chug a carton or two of coconut water during practices.

On top of that I would make sure your diet contains an adequate amount of sodium. So be sure to add some sea salt to your meals.

My other favorite "secret performance enhancing food" is pickles. Some times when athletes are feeling fatigued during intense training in the hot weather I simply instruct them to start eating a few pickles per day.

They look at me like I'm nuts, but it always works.

Give those two tips a try and I think you'll notice a nice boost in performance while pretty much eliminating your risk of dehydration."

Summer Football Workouts

Water, Dextrose, Sea Salt & Potassium

You're in luck because I asked my nutrionist friend and fellow powerlifter Eric Talmant and he wrote me back as well with the following advice.

By the way this is the same cocktail I drink after cutting weight for powerlifting when I need to put my weight back on and re-constitute.

"To 20 ounces of water (reverse osmosis is best), add 4 teaspoons of dextrose, plus 1/8th a teaspoon of sea salt, plus 1/32nd of a teaspoon (tricky-just use a dash of a 1/8th measuring spoon) of di-potassium phosphate.

An athlete can drink this throughout the longest and most demanding athletic competition without the need to drink additional water to maintain hydration; and with confidence that electrolytes are being replaced in perfect proportion."

Hope these tips come in handy whether you have football practice to attend or not this a great drink to keep you hydrated during those hot outdoor summer workouts.

It's much better then chugging sports drinks filled with sugar. And if you're interesed in Coach Ferruggia's football strength program, check it out before he takes it down this Saturday. If you don't grab it now you might have to wait until the Fall.

Here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/footballstrength

Keep training hard & stay hydrated!

Mike Westerdal

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