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April 21, 2024

Dumbbell Rotational Sets For ROCK-SOLID Core Strength
By Nick Nilsson

Dumbbell Rotational Sets For ROCK-SOLID Core Strength

Honestly, I had no idea what to call this one - feel free to make up your own name! It's a GREAT core-strengthening exercise that hits the rotational and support functions of the area.

To perform this exercise, you'll need a rack and a single heavy dumbell. This one will really build tremendous abdominal strength. To give you an idea, I'm using a 125 lb dumbell in the demo - obviously, you want to start lighter than that the first time you try this exercise!

So first, set the safety rails of the rack to just a little below waist level. Set your heavy dumbell on the floor in the middle. When you're ready to start, bend over and pick up the dumbell, wrapping both hands around the handle (overlap your hands however you feel most comfortable).

Pick up the dumbell and hold it into your abs with your arms bent 90 degrees.

Now turn and set it on end on the left safety rail. Let it rest COMPLETELY on the rail - you want to totally relax the tension in your core.

Dumbbell Rotational Sets For ROCK-SOLID Core Strength

Now, keep your body rotated, clench your abs and pick up the dumbell, rotating your body around to the front. Make sure to keep the dumbell held at ab level.

Step laterally until you get close to the RIGHT safety rail.Turn and set it on the right safety rail.

RELAX the abs, setting the dumbell completely on the rail - no tension in the abs. Then re-clench, rotate the other direction and step to the left.

Repeat until your abs are completely wrung out!

You want functional core training, this is it. Remember, when doing this exercise, you are ROTATING your upper body around to set it on the rails and pick it up off the rails.




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