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How To Eat Healthy When Traveling
By Mike Westerdal of CriticalBench.com

How To Eat Healthy When Traveling

Eating a healthy, nutritious diet can be difficult regardless of where you are, but when you are traveling, it's even tougher. When you are at home it is easier to control your diet because you can prepare your meals according to your specifications and you can buy whatever healthy ingredients you need from the local grocery store. It's a different story when you're traveling, mostly because you lose much of your ability to 'control' your diet by not being able to cook your own meals.

When traveling, we're pretty much restricted to either eating out in a restaurant, picking up fast food or otherwise buying some sort of packaged, prepared foods. The problem with these options however, is that most of them aren't very healthy. The majority of restaurant or packaged food is trying to sell convenience or flavor, not necessarily healthy eating. To give them flavor, they're usually packed with artery-clogging saturated or trans-fats, refined sugars and sodium.

Though we usually know they're not very healthy choices, when we travel, most of us tend to tell ourselves little lies or make excuses so that we can eat whatever we want. We rationalize unhealthy eating choices when we're traveling by telling ourselves that we 'deserve it' because we've been eating healthy for weeks or that it's just for a couple of days so it's okay." It's no surprise that gaining weight--and adding extra body fat--while traveling is a common complaint among men.

The majority of restaurant or packaged food is trying to sell convenience or flavor The good news though is that you don't have to gain weight when you travel--it is in fact very possible to eat healthy on the road. And thankfully, it's not that difficult to do. All it takes is a little knowledge, preparation and just a bit of discipline.

First, in the last few years most of the fast food chains have added a number of healthy options to their menus. These days you can choose from healthy and tasty selections such as turkey burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, turkey wraps, salads and more. If you are dining in one of the full service sit-down restaurant chains, you will often see that healthier menu choices are marked with some sort of note or symbol. Also, you'll find that lots of grocery stores are now offering ready-to-eat meals for carry out. Many of these dishes are not only tasty and convenient, but healthy as well. Here are some other tips about how to eat healthy when traveling:

1. At breakfast, steer clear of donuts, pastries and white bagels. The sugars and carbs will fill you up with empty calories and leave you hungry again just a short while later. Instead, choose oatmeal, plain egg omelets, whole grain breads, low-sugar cereal with low-fat milk, or yogurt with fruit.

2. For lunch, skip the burger and fries and instead go for a salad or soup. When preparing your salad avoid adding lots of croutons, go light on the cheese—especially the yellow ones—and resist the temptation to load up on sodium-packed lunch meats. For dressing, try adding just a bit of lemon juice and vinegar instead of calorie- and fat-laden creamy dressings. If you really want dressing with your salad, order it on the side and quickly dip your fork in the dressing before you take a forkful of salad. This gives you enough dressing so you can enjoy the taste but cuts down the actual amount you eat by up to 90%.

Many of these dishes are not only tasty and convenient

3. When ordering dinner, stick to baked or grilled meats, not fried. Be sure to eat your vegetables but skip the sauces and butter. Instead, order steamed vegetables. For added flavor you can add a bit of lemon juice and black pepper. Avoid the rolls and bread that is often brought to the table. If the waiter does bring a basket of bread, politely refuse.

4. If you're hungry for a snack keep a supply of apples and bananas on hand. Both of these fruits are nutritious, low in sugar and loaded with healthy fiber that helps keep you full.

5. Instead of sugary sodas drink water. And do yourself a favor and don't bother with 'sugar-free' or 'diet' sodas. Studies have shown that people who regularly drink 'no-calorie' sodas put on more weight than other people. Try drinking lemon or lime sparkling water. The bubbles and flavor will satisfy your craving for soda—without the carbs, sugars or fake, chemical sweeteners.

Follow these easy-to-apply tips for better nutrition when traveling and you'll find yourself feeling and looking better when you're on the road.

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