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April 16, 2021

No-Equipment Fat Burning Bodyweight Exercises
By Craig Ballantyne

No-Equipment Fat Burning Bodyweight Exercises

When you travel, you worry about missing your workouts and eating poorly...So you must plan ahead for both (apples and almonds for planes, trains, & automobiles)...and bodyweight circuits for "no-equipment fat burning".

And while I have bodyweight exercises that are just as hard as the bench press and barbell squat in one of my bodyweight workouts, today we'll focus on replacing intervals with bodyweight circuits.

To do a bodyweight circuit...

  • Pick 3 lower body exercises

  • Pick 3 upper body exercises

  • Alternate between a lower and upper body exercise without rest, till you are done all 6 exercises

  • Rest a minute.

  • Repeat 2-3 more times until you are done 20 minutes

What Is Your Goal - Build Muscle Or Lose Fat?

For example, this is a great circuit that doesn't need any equipment

  1. Prisoner Squat (12 repetitions)

  2. Elevated Pushups (8 reps per side)

  3. Single-Leg Deadlift (10 reps per side)

  4. Close-grip Pushups (As many reps as possible)

  5. Jumping Jacks (30-60 reps)

  6. Cross-Body Mountain Climber (12 reps per side)

Whew. That's pretty advanced...for a beginner, we'd slow it down like this and take some breaks between exercises...

  1. Wall Squat (8 reps)

  2. Kneeling Elevated Pushup (5 reps per side)

  3. Lying 1-leg Hip Extension (8 reps per side)

  4. Plank (30 second hold)

  5. Jumping Jacks (5-10 reps)

  6. Side Plank (15 second hold per side)

Safe travels, and of course, always check with your doctor before beginning a fat burning bodyweight circuit exercise program.

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