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January 28, 2023

Fitness Model Exercise Program
by Jennifer Nicole Lee

Fitness Model Exercise Program

Change Your Attitude, And You Will See Results!

Improve your attitude from "I HAVE to workout!" to "I GET to workout!" Just that subtle change in thought will help you gain a whole new outlook on working out.

Working out is not a chore that is to be dreaded! Rather celebrate the fact that you are getting fresh blood and oxygen to all the cells in your body! And you are giving yourself the best gift ever, the gift of exercise!

The #1 Reason Why People Start & Then Stop

I have heard this scenario too many times in my online coaching programs and in my telephone and in person live consultations. A client starts a new exercise program only to quit 2 to 3 weeks later. Why I ask? It's because they suffer from a true scientific term of "Get-there-itis" and "I-Want-My-Results-Now-itis".

They want to "get there" and they "want results now"! With this self-sabotaging mindset, they are setting themselves up for failure.

Fitness Model Exercise Program

Perfect vs. Persistence:

Understanding that it's not about "being perfect" but rather being persistent, you will be successful and see the results are you longing for!

Remember to never stop, never give up and never quit! Only losers quit and winners carry on, always taking their program one day at a time.

Weekly Workout Exercise Plan

The program is as simple as this:

You workout with weights 4 days a week, and if you have some fat you need to blast, you add 2 days of cardio, no less than 25 minutes and no more than 45 minutes.

Below you will see a sample week. This is an outline that I highly suggest you follow and stick to, as with a solid plan, you won't be lost, you'll know what you are doing and what to do next, taking out all the guess work!

  • Monday is always going to be Shoulders and Triceps

  • Tuesday is always going to be Legs

  • Wednesday is Cardio

  • Thursday is Chest and Biceps

  • Friday is Back

  • Saturday is Cardio
  • Sunday is your OFF-Active Rest Day, and also Food Prep Day (grocery shopping and meal planning)

    Start every workout with a warm up. Warm up simply by walking in place, then moving side to side, and then picking up the intensity to say maybe jumping jacks, and then running in place. Aim for a warm up for at least for 5 minutes.

    Pick Three Exercises PER Body Part.

    Perform 8-12 reps for 3 sets, at a challenging weight where the last 8-12 are hard to finish

    The Five Essential Pieces Of Workout Equipment

    Contrary to popular belief, you only really need 5 pieces of exercise tools and equipment to achieve the fitness model look. You also don't need an expensive gym membership, a "glorified counter" who calls himself a trainer, tons of useless gadgets and equipment to achieve Fitness Model, magazine cover worthy results!

    All you need are the following:

    • A Workout Mat

    • A Pair of Dumbbells (choose your weight, depending upon your goals and fitness level)

    • A Inclining/Declining Bench

    • A Stability Ball

    • A Piece of Cardio Equipment
      (Ex- Jump Rope, Elliptical Machine, Stair Master, or an Air Stepper)

    Fitness ModelTM "R&R" Formula

    Fitness Model Exercise Program You may know that R&R means Rest and Relaxation but in the fitness model world it means Recovery and Recuperation. Again I emphasize- Do not overtrain! When you lift weights and engage your muscles into resistance training, it's as if you are taking sandpaper and scraping it on your skin, tearing it open and exposing the inner flesh.

    Rest and Recuperation is essential for your muscles to heal- metaphorically you must allow it time to form a "callous" from the sandpaper.

    If you overtrain you are cheating yourself and not letting the "wounds" heal therefore I can not stress enough- please don't overtrain and rush the process but rather give yourself the gift of time and follow this program!

    The Fire Hydrant Principal:

    Your body is like a fire hydrant- it only takes one tool to unlock it. Once its unlocked it shows its ultimate potential with an at times uncontrollable, extremely forceful release!

    My program is that one wrench that can unlock your body's full potential. It took me 2 1/2 months of me working with this program to begin seeing results! My body laid dormant for 2 1/2 months and it happened! The floodgates opened and my body started releasing the fat. I urge you not to give up and know that it's not about being perfect, but being persistent!

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