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Introducing the E-Flex Forearm Bar

Forearm bar hand grip arm wrist strength

Forearm Bar Exercise Examples

Bicep Curls With the E-Flex Forearm Bar

Reverse Curls With the E-Flex Forearm Bar

E-Flex Forearm Bar Demonstration Using Three Grips!


Original E-Flex Forearm Bar

forearm Bar grip strength hand strength


Also Available In the Pro Series - Details

forearm Bar grip strength hand strength


My Experience

Forearm strength I've been using the forearm bar for over a month now to train my grip, hand, wrist and forearm strength. Typically I like to do a superset circuit. I'll do the forearm curls using all three grips described. Than I'll finish with reverse curls or forearm curls. I'll go through this circuit three times at the end of my arm training day. I'll use it occassionally for bicep curls and front raises as well for a change of pace.

The rest of the guys from the barbell club all enjoy using this bar as well. It doesn't look like it's going to be very difficult, but let me tell you it's funny to watch a bunch of powerlifters grunting with a ten pound plate on the forearm bar!

The leverage mechanics are great and the improved grip and forearm strength is sure to carry over to my other lifts such as the bench press. This product is sure to be a huge success and comes highly recommended.


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