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July 17, 2024

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Rich Gaspari, owner and CEO of Gaspari Nutrition, has been involved in the bodybuilding and fitness field for over 20 years. He started dabbling in weight lifting at the age of 14 and went on to excel as a top professional bodybuilder from the mid 80's through the 90's. Nicknamed the "Dragon Slayer", Rich was both feared and admired by his peers for his groundbreaking conditioning and freakish muscularity. His success as a competitor, attributed to his scientific approach to diet and training, and notoriously brutal work ethic, is a testament to a man who, though not as genetically gifted as many of his competitors, toppled nearly every giant of his day.

Gaspari Nutrition Crowned as the 1st ever Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion, some of Rich's other titles include the Mr. America -known now as the NPC Nationals, Mr. Universe, Professional Mr. World, and Three Time runner up of the biggest and most coveted title in professional bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia. Rich's success as a professional bodybuilder has brought him popularity and notoriety worldwide as evidenced on countless magazine covers from around the world, with stints on television including numerous appearances on the US talk show circuit.

But all of his success as an athlete was no mere coincidence; holding a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Rich has dedicated his life to helping a multitude of people from all walks of life achieve healthier lives by altering body composition and improving overall health and athletic performance through personal training and optimal nutrition.

Over the past 7 years, Rich and his team of what have come to be known as the brightest minds in sports science today have developed a line of supplements under his name, Gaspari Nutrition, into one of the most formidable and best loved in the world. His determination and love of the sport of bodybuilding and the attainment of true hardcore results has seen a successful transition evident in his unyielding passion for developing the most effective sports nutrition products the industry has ever seen.

With all of the mixed messages and disinformation in the sports nutrition industry, Gaspari understands how difficult it can be to make a correct and informed decision in regard to achieving the results you've been hoping for. Though novel even by today's standards, Gaspari Nutrition's mission is simple; to make products far better than any the sports nutrition industry has ever seen -and support them with unbiased, independent clinical research. Rich thought it was time somebody did that. At Gaspari Nutrition, they will not release a product unless it's at the very pinnacle of what science has to offer and, of course, it absolutely smokes whatever's been done before. What other reason is there? People called Rich a dreamer?.."You'll never survive." -they were wrong.

Gaspari Nutrition

It's simple: instead of spending all of their money on high-priced athletes and advertising, Gaspari Nutrition has become a leader in the industry by, 1) actually putting our resources into the formulas (there's a new one!), 2) by funding the independent clinical trials to back up what they say about them, 3) by word of mouth, and 4) because once someone tries a Gaspari Nutrition product, they buy them again and again.

So when you read about Gaspari products and what they do, you can rest assured -they didn't make it up. They ARE that good. At Gaspari, its not only word of mouth; they let unbiased, independent clinical research performed at some of America's leading sports nutrition laboratories and universities take the guess work out of who's products are best -so you don't have to. No other company in sports nutrition today so much ensures what will to happen to you BEFORE you take their products than Gaspari -no one.

For those of you yet to try our products, you may want to do so. Try them once and you'll more than likely see and feel, once and for all, what countless others have been saying, "Gaspari Nutrition products work better than anything else on the market." The Gaspari team is proud of that -and pledge to continue to be the innovative force behind the most powerful and awe-inspiring supplements available. No hype. No tall tales. No compromises. Just pure science and incredible results -every time. Hence the company's moniker, "Gaspari Nutrition. The Name You Trust. The Brand That Works." Needless to say, this company is for real.

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SizeOn - Instant Muscle Gratification!

MyoFusion - Advanced Muscle Building Protein!

PlasmaJet - Liquid Nitric Oxide!

Mitotropin - Pre-Contest Physique!

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