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How To Get Lean Through Weight Training
by Shawn Lebrun

Although I feel the best approach to losing fat is a long term one, there are some simple things you can do to drop fat quickly.

You primarily do it by increasing the amount, duration, and/or intensity of your cardio sessions while slowly decreasing your calorie intake.

If you try and shed fat too fast, whatever you did to lose it will not be permanent and you'll more than likely end up gaining the weight back.

The best way to lose any amount of fat quickly is to focus on creating more of a calorie deficit in which your body is forced to burn more fat for energy.

This is primarily achieved by slowly cutting your calorie intake and slowly increasing your cardio input. Notice how I put "slowly" in front of both.

If you start reducing calories too quick, you'll force your body into "starvation mode" in which it starts holding onto stored body fat instead of burning it for energy. And if you start doing too much cardio too soon, you'll run the risk of overtraining or getting injured.

How To Get Lean Through Weight TrainingWhat about weight training?

The weight training remains a constant in this equation. It has little to do with losing fat fast.

In fact, you may want to lessen the weight training the next few weeks and instead focus more on the cardio, which will have more of an impact on the fat burning.

Bottom line, to lose any amount of fat fast, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

The best way to do this is by dropping your daily calorie intake while increasing your daily cardio output.

The first week, start getting rid of extras that you may eat, like dressings, oils, butter, sugars, syrups, and desserts.

Then the next week, reduce your calories again by 150-200 calories. This slow, methodical drop in calories will not trigger "starvation mode" in which your body will start holding onto fat.

Also, you'll want to start upping the amount and/or intensity of your cardio. If you're doing 2 or 3 sessions of cardio a week, add another session. If you're already doing 4 or 5, then increase your intensity more so than your time.

The combo of slowly dropping your daily calories while also increasing the intensity and amount of your cardio will get you in a fat-burning stage.

Then, continue on with this approach and soon you'll be staring in the mirror at a leaner, more muscular you.

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