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July 14, 2024
Mike Westerdal Interviewed by Jeff Anderson

A Muscle Nerd Univeristy Presentation

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Learn how your gym is ripping you off...and how to turn the tables back on them.

The beginning of the year is when many people get back in the gym to follow through on that New Year's resolution of getting in shape, losing weight, gaining muscle, or getting ready for the next big match. Gyms know this...and they have several sneaky little tricks in store for you to try and get as much of your hard earned money as possible!

We managed to latch on to a "reformed" gym sales representative and fitness author, Mike Westerdal, who will give you an "insider's perspective" on just how your gym may be taking advantage of you ...and how to negotiate a deal like Donald Trump to get the best value you can!

View this video online by clicking here!

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