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August 9, 2020
Top 5 Holiday Fitness Tips
by Caitlin Johnson

holiday fitness tips 1). If your going to eat extra calories make sure your training! If your trying to build muscle the holidays is a great time because you'll be eating more. Just make sure your weight training 4-6 times a week and heavy as you can. On the other hand if you feel you want to treat yourself but aren't sure you want to gain weight make sure your doing cardio every morning to boost your metabolism. Two years ago I went home for christmas and dieted except for christmas eve, christmas and new years eve. Those three days I ate cookies, cake, pie, turkey, mash potatoes, etc. I ended up loosing a whole percent of body fat because I trained legs knowing I was going to be eating more, I did cardio and weight trained all the way through. My progress is a reflection of shocking my body. The point is "you can treat yourself but make sure your burning some calories and get back on your program after the holidays"!

2). Pick rather than eat a huge portion. A lot of people will argue with this but I believe it is better to have a few small things on your plate than a few huge things.

3). Eat something small before you go to the party because you'll be less hungry. If you go to temptation island hungry your going to eat anything and everything.

4). Socialize! The more you talk it up the less you'll eat. Have a drink( alcohol or not) and spend time with your friends and family. Don't socialize by food you can keep eating.


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