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Interview with Bodybuilder Jerome Ferguson
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com – March 2011

Interview with Bodybuilder Jerome Ferguson

Jerome Ferguson is a professional bodybuilder, a media superstar and a true friend to everyone in the whole weight lifting world.Jerome has done work with microsoft computers, Nintendo video games, Nike, Reno 911 and got to do acting with celebrities like the Rock. Most recently, you probably have seen Jerome doing a commercial with Planet Fitness that already has over 500,000 viewers!

Who is this man that created a commercial for planet fitness that has gotten everyone posting all over their facebook pages and talking about all over the World? Well, in this exclusive interview you will get to meet the man, behind the Monster that you have seen! Critical Bench presents you all with the one and the only, JEROME FERGUSON!

CB: Jerome, welcome to www.criticalbench.com! Jersome, everyone is commenting on your planet fitness commercial. How does everyone approach you on the streets after watching your commercial?

Jerome Ferguson: POW BANG MAN, POW BANG MAN, POW MANG MAN.. Everyone calls me pow bang man. People watch it over and over again. Everyone loves it. People say "There is the Pow Bang Guy."

CB: How did you get involved with the planet fitness commercial?

Jerome Ferguson: They wanted me to pretend I was so muscle bound that I couldn't touch my toes and also had ideas for me to rage in the gym, but I said that wasn't me. So, I sat down and held a pen and went "POWWW. POW BANG," and the rest is history!

Everyone calls me pow bang man

CB: That's awesome. All over the net and world we experience hate between hardcore bodybuilders and planet fitness. What are your thoughts about the hate between hardcore bodybuilders and lifters with planet fitness?

Jerome Ferguson: Yeah, Planet Fitness gets lots of hate. I think it is part of their marketing strategy. They were nice people, and they were nice to me. They invited me to train at their gym. However, I think they generate the hate on themselves to build more business for them.

CB: They have a LUNK ALARM. For those that don't know, an alarm goes off if a lifter is grunting. A freakin lunk alarm, haha. What's up with that?

Jerome Ferguson: Lunk alarm, hahahahahahahahhaha! Kind of crazy!! I heard it, is "Loud! Loud! Loud!" That is all I can say, it's crazy to me, but it's a good marketing strategy. Great concept and that thing is loud and crazy!

CB: Would they use the lunk on you?

Jerome Ferguson: It's annoying when someone is curling 35lbs and making noise. I'm all about training hard. I don't make noise. POW, BANG ;) hahaha, no I don't yell when I lift, I focus.

CB: Do you think it is helpful to make noise when lifting?

Jerome Ferguson: hahaha, It takes so much energy to yell. If I was yelling on squats, I wouldn't be able to complete my set! Hahahaha! I would pass out from yelling on squats. I would be losing all my energy yelling. Haha.


CB: What is with this "NO JUDGEMENT ZONE"?

Jerome Ferguson: It makes a fat person feel good. You don't see too many fat people coming into Gold's gym. Most people are so insecure.

CB: Why do you think there is all the hate between planet fitness and the hardcore lifters? Did some hardcore lifters send you hate mail for doing a Planet Fitness commercial? I wouldn't be surprised if someone did, haha.

Jerome Ferguson : Lots of people want to fight about something. Some girl sent me an email saying "I can't believe you did the commercial because they hate bodybuilders." If you want to make a rivalry with stuff, with that gym or the gym that has cardio equipment we gotta give people something to talk about and have rivalry. Some of the people are passionate. Some people are passionate about not liking their gyms. I feel that any gym that makes people comfortable to workout is a good thing.

CB: After watching some of these Planet Fitness commericals, some people might find big bodybuilders to be scary monster freaks! haha. How would you describe most of the big bodybuilders? In your honest opinion, what are they really like?

Jerome Ferguson: Most of the big muscle guy bodybuilders are the nicest people who you will ever meet.

CB: Then why do you think big muscle monster bodybuilders get a bad wrap?

Jerome Ferguson: It's the people who want to be bodybuilders with big egos, who give the big bodybuilders a bad rap.

CB: Great answer. How do you think Planet Fitness should respond if a freak like you walks in?

Jerome Ferguson: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA.. NO JUDGEMENT ZONE BABY! No judgement zone! Put me in the no judgement zone! Have another no judgement zone for freaks like me! Planet Fitness, it's time for another "No Judgment Zone!" hahahaha.

Most of the big muscle guy bodybuilders are the nicest people who you will ever meet CB: Planet Fitness you heard the man. Jerome, how did you get so huge?

Jerome Ferguson: I over eat. To over eat is not good for you, but I use to over eat and I ate every two hours, and I would train hard. That's the most important thing, if you're not eating and training hard, it won't happen.

CB: What are some of the adversities that you face being so huge?

Jerome Ferguson : You know, there is no social life. If it was so easy to get huge, more people would do it. On my quest for size I have to stay very disciplined and focus. While being the best bodybuilder I can be, I always make sure that I keep a balance with life.

CB: Tell us about your routine?

Jerome Ferguson: I stick to the basics but I change my exercises around. I do different exercises to hit different body parts at different angles. I get creative.

CB: Other than being a pro bodybuilder, what makes jerome different from everyone else?

Jerome Ferguson: I am a cool crazy dude! I love people! I was the same person back when I was 205 and I am the same person now at 285lbs. Whether I was a pro or an amateur, I was the guy who would give you a hug and who is a man of his word.

CB: Jerome, what is your advice to a younger kid who looks up to you?

Jerome Ferguson: Believe in yourself, don't rush it and enjoy the ride! Enjoy the ride and enjoy each day becoming the best you can be!

CB: How do you want to be remembered?

Jerome Ferguson: I want to be remembered as a cool loving dude. A good person who never quit, always made dreams true and an inspiration to the next person.

CB: People, here are just some of Jeromes accomplishments. I'm just going to list them because bodybuilding has helped take Jerome Ferguson into the world of acting. Some of Jerome's accomplishments include:

KTLA 5 - Health and Fitness Show (Body by Jerome) (2000-2001)
UPN 13 - Bodybuilding Fitness Segments (2001-Present)
Fox 11 - Health & Fitness Segment
Reno 911
Blind Date
Celebrity Fitness MTV with Willie Aimes
Nike Mountainman (1999) SAG
Nike Domes (2000) SAG
Ameritech (2000) SAG
Microsoft (2000) SAG
McCann Ericson (2000) SAG
Compass Arthritis Institute (Take it Back Jack) (2001) SAG
Nintendo Videogame
Planet Fitness (2010) SAG

Very impressive.

Jerome Ferguson: Thank you.

I am a cool crazy dude I would like to Main Event against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania

CB: What type of movie would you like to be in?

Jerome Ferguson: I am a hardcore action type guy. I ran for the part in the movie "faster" with the Rock, Dwayne Johnson. I was fighting the Rock in the bathroom as he would beat me up. l like being the bad guy. I like comedy too.

CB: You are much bigger than the Rock.

Jerome Ferguson: I know, they aren't that big. On stage and in a ring they make wrestlers look bigger than they really are.

CB: True. Of all the celebrities that you have worked with, which one was your favorite?

Jerome Ferguson: Jackie Lalane. He is a character. That guy has so much energy. The guy who just died. He was awesome.

CB: Okay, Jerome. You are Main Eventing at Wrestlemania, who do you want your opponent to be?

Jerome Ferguson: I would like to Main Event against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania.

CB: That would be a match-up of two very charismatic dudes! Random question, what does Jerome do 30 minutes each day that most people don't do each day?

Jerome Ferguson: I try to meditate at least 30 minutes a day.

CB: Nice! Well, Jerome, what a great journey you have had into the world of bodybuilding and into media superstardom periodl What a spirit you have as well! We at Critical Bench are happy for you and all of your success. Way to stay true to yourself and make accomplishments that have made the world itself go, CAPOWWWWWWW! Keep it up! In closing who would you like to thank?

Jerome Ferguson : I want to thank everyone who believed me and accepted me for me. I was different than the other bodybuilders. I was just faithful and everyone accepted me for me. I want to thank everyone who supported my career and give out the love. Not enough love, not enough love out there spread the love!!

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