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May 30, 2020
Ivanko Super Gripper - Develop Grip Strength

Ivnako Super Gripper - Grip Strength Ivnako Super Gripper

The Ivanko Super Gripper: Basic, Simple, and your ticket to devastating crushing power.

Itís no secret that a firm grip and solid handshake has long been a sign of strength, power and stability. Get the Ivanko Super Gripper and you're already half way there.

Strong hands are the sign of a true strong man.

Long Ago, on an ancient field of battle, two warriors finally met face to face. The outcome was uncertain. One man's forces were larger than the others, but the smaller had the benefits of youth. He had today's speed, quick response time and the endurance that the older man still dreamed from days gone by. They were both looking for a sign.

They wasted no time with the approach. Neither man gave an inch of space. Each man reached for the other, with measured sureness. As they shook hands, they smiled knowing smiles, because the others' handshake was very solid and firm. At that moment they each knew a clear corporate alliance would take place.

The Ivanko Super Gripper is one of the most efficient forearm strengthening tools known to man. At just over two pounds, the Super Gripper is lightweight, portable and perfect for anyone who is serious about grip strength.

The sturdy die-cast metal frame is extremely durable and the pair of high tensile springs can be easily adjusted to provide over forty resistance levels. More springs are available upon request.

Stronger hands and thicker wrists are essential to every combat athlete. Strengthen your grip and crush your competition!

100+ adjustments for superior forearm grip strengthening and HUGE forearms!

Ivnako Super Gripper
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