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July 18, 2024
Powerlifting & Weight Lifting Knee Wraps

BLUE POWER - Professional Knee Wraps

Reg. Price: $27.99
Sale Price: $23.95
Save: $4.03

2 m, 2.5 m and 3m lenghts no velcro Super Strength, support and toughness. Increase your Knee support and increase the amount of weight that you can lift!! (Click on the title for details & bigger photo) Details:

ALL NEW Material and design:
APT's 2 Meter "BLUE POWER" Knee Wraps Without Velcro Professional grade and designed by APT specifically for Hard Core lifting.

Conversion table:

2 meters = 6.56 feet
2.5 meters= 8.20 feet
3.0 meters = 9.84 feet

Knee Wraps
This 1200 pound SQUAT by Mike Miller
Tells You Something About Our Quality!

THIS PRODUCT is 2 or 2.5 meter length for light to Super Heavy lifting 2.5 Meter for Light to Super Heavy lifting and a tighter wrap with the extra 0.5 meters of material

These BLUE POWER design is a much harder, denser but comfortable material and made for getting the job done. This design competes with the other BIG NAMED companies out there that offer Professional Grade Wraps.

Super tough, built to last, SUPER SUPPORT to increase your lifts.

Watch your Squat, Hack Squat, Leg Press or any other exercise where you use the knee go up in weight for bigger muscle and strength gains.

Watch what the professionals use when lifting heavy, it's all about Knee support!!

Super strong, tough and built to last.

You will get super support on and behind the knees

Excellent rebound from the bottom of your squats, leg presses, hack squats and more.

Want to master the king of exercises, "THE SQUAT"? than click here to order. If you don't want blue click here for more knee wrap designs.

Weight Lifting Knee Wraps

How to Use Knee Wraps
an email from a satisfied customer

Powerlifting Knee Wraps from APT I am assuming you have wraps like mine, which are cotton/spandex strips, about three inches wide by about 4 feet long. The material is the same stuff they use for jockstrap waistbands.

The wraps should be rolled before you put them on.

1. Sit down. You cannot effectively wrap your knees while standing up.

2. Extend the first leg so it's basically straight. Relax the leg.

3. Take the first roll in one hand, and grab the loose end with the other. Put the loose end behind your knee, just below the joint. One long side of the wrap should be aligned with the crease in the back of your knee, so when you bring it around you have covered the lower portion of your knee.

4. Unroll the wrap around the lower portion of the knee, pulling it snugly (but not tightly) enough so that it holds the loose end in place.

5. Continue unrolling the wrap around the knee, being careful to wrap with an even snugness all the way up. You want to stretch the wrap somewhat - NOT all the way. If you stretch it too much, there won't be any "give" and you'll strangle your knees. Too little stretch and there won't be enough support, and the wraps will fall off. (Not fun to have happen when you're doing heavy reps.)

6. Unroll the wrap until it covers the upper part of the knee. You should "plan" the wrapping so you start at the bottom of the knee and end at the upper part. You don't need to go too far down on your upper calf, or too far up on your lower thigh. But this is a matter of individual preference. Emphasize supporting the kneecap from below and from above. When you've unrolled all the wrap, tuck the loose end in securely wherever you can. I wrap in one layer, from bottom to top, but you could use two layers, bottom to top to bottom if you want to and your wraps are long enough.

7. Bend your knee a bit. Then stand up and try squatting in place. Your knee should bend reasonably easily, without restriction. If it feels like nothing's on, then the wrap is too loose. Rewrap. If you feel the blood getting cut off to your lower leg, or if you cannot comfortably bend your knee more than 90 degrees, the wrap is too tight. Rewrap. Again, when gauging how much to stretch the wrap, pull it to maximum stretch, then shoot for somewhere halfway between that point and unstretched.

8. Repeat with the other leg, then retest again for proper tension.

9. When you're done, re-roll the wraps so they'll be ready for the next time. Periodically, bring them home and throw them in the wash. They get grungy fast but gradually, and after washing them you'll be surprised how dirty they were.

Beyond this, you're on your own. You will find you know better than anyone else what wrapping positions, and snugness, work to minimize your knee pain. Despite my detailed instructions, after a short while you'll find wrapping becomes just another article of clothing you put on without thinking about it.

Good luck - hope the wrapping helps.



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