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April 16, 2021

Knee Raise Dips: Advanced Ab
Training Exercise To Get Shredded!

By Jeff Anderson "The Muscle Nerd"

Knee Raise Dips: Advanced Ab Training Exercise To Get Shredded!

Sure there's a time for "micro-targeting" your abs to really dig in deep and shred some muscle fibers.

But you know that this is only HALF of the battle, right?

If you really want to see your 6-pack, you're gonna have to shred some FAT as well and the exercise I'm going to show you will help you accomplish BOTH...

...at the same time!

You see, by working a "chain" of muscles together, you can not only target muscle fibers for growth, but you also recruit more TOTAL muscle fibers.

This helps by increasing overall calorie expenditure DURING your workout...

...and jacks up your metabolism even higher AFTER your workout!

Here's a GREAT exercise that demonstrates this powerful principle:

"The Knee Raise Dip"

The concept is quite simple really, though it may take some working up to if you're not as strong in your upper body.

Get yourself set up at a Dip Station (sorry...you won't be able to use the "Assisted Dip Station" at your gym if they have one).

Knee Raise Dips: Advanced Ab Training Exercise To Get Shredded!

To start, lower yourself all the way as you would if you were targeting your chest and arms (because you ARE).

Keep your elbows out so you use more "chest" than arms if you can.

This way you won't tire as quickly.

On the way UP during the repetition, you're going to continue the movement by bringing your knees up toward your chest, just as you would in a "knee raise" targeting your abs (um...because you ARE).

Then lower your knees back down as you begin your descent for your second dip repetition.

Continue in this movement until one of your muscle groups gives out.

To take it even further, once one muscle group DOES reach exhaustion, switch to doing ONLY the other exercise until you hit failure.

That may mean you hopping off the dip station and grabbing hold of a pull up bar to continue your knee raises, as an example.

Give this exercise a try and start slow to get the movement down.

You'll love this one so much, you'll make it a staple in your ab training!

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