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May 22, 2018
Medicine Ball Training - Medicine Balls For Sale

Dynamax Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

These DynaMax Medicine balls are oversized impact balls, meaning that they absorb impact upon contact with the body, a wall, the ground or floor.

Medicine Balls Ranging From 4 Lbs to 20 Lbs

Dynamax 4 lbs. Stinger 1
The 4 Pound Stinger 1 is popular among golfers and tennis players. Use on the court or field for high volume endurance sets and locomotion drills.

Dynamax 6 lbs. Stinger 2
The 6 Pound Stinger 2 is one of our most popular medicine balls. It is ideal for high volume, high velocity repetitions regardless of the strength or size of the trainee.

Dynamax 8 lbs. Accelerator 1
The 8 Pound Accelerator 1 is very popular in the weight room when it is used for chasing exercises after major lifts. Ideal for high velocity/volume rotations, sit up and throws and shoulder girdle plyometrics.

Dynamax 10 lbs. Accelerator 2
The 10 Pound Accelerator 2 has multiple uses for larger, stronger athletes. It is used primarily like the 8 pound Accelerator 1 medicine ball to chase major strength exercises.

Dynamax 12 lbs. Stout 1
The 12 Pound Stout 1 is often used on the field and in the weight room in alternating exercises with lighter balls to vary joint tension and speed.

Dynamax 14 lbs. Stout 2
The 14 Pound Stout 2 is very popular for smaller trainees as the choice for heavy core and trunk stations in training circuits.

Dynamax 16 lbs. Hefty 1
The 16 Pound Hefty 1 is used primarily for dynamic strength and power work for the trunk in all movement planes.

Dynamax 18 lbs. Hefty 2
The 18 Pound Hefty 2 is a heavier choice for various trunk series.

Dynamax 20 lbs. Burly
The 20 Pound Burly is used primarily as a strength tool for low volume, slower speed movements.

What is Medicine Ball Training?

By: Courtney Westerdal of CriticalBench.com

Medicine ball training is being performed all over the world, for many different reasons and used many different types of people. The purpose of medicine ball training is gain full body workouts, to keep joint integrity healthy and for training for specific sports. The balls come in many different sizes and weights. Most should start with lighter weight while slowly progressing to heavier with perfection of technique.

Being used by yourself or with a partner, there are endless medicine ball exercises that can be executed targeting whatever your specific goal is. They can be used for building muscle in your arms or back, creating definition in your legs or toning your shoulders. It is different from weight training with machines or dumbbells. Here, the goal is quality over quantity. It provides weight-resistance training through a full range of motion. That is the reason why it also is very effective in gaining core trunk strength. All of your strength is focused by the center of gravity and leverage through your body.

All different types of people do medicine ball exercises. Everyone from professional athletes, collegiate athletes, men, women, younger adults and older adults utilize them. For athletes, its mainly used to prolong endurance, increase power, add speed and create explosiveness in movement. To be successful, athletes must work on a variety of components of athletic ability. There are many drills that allow the athlete to work on many components of athletic ability at the same time.

For the fitness minded, it provides flexibility, coordination and gaining muscle. Medicine ball training is also used for rehab with the elderly. Light ball motions improve their joints and strengthen muscles. These types of motions are also used to rehab injuries. It focuses on recovery and rebuilding while preventing strain or stress on the process of redeveloping.

Another benefit of medicine ball training is the ability to perform exercises anywhere. You can do them at home, at the gym or anywhere you have the freedom to maneuver.

No matter where, this type of training with always provide weight-resistance training through full range of motion.

Benefits of medicine ball workouts

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