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March 4, 2024
Benching for Records Part III - Metal Militia Family
by Anita Ramsey

As you might recollect, Curtis and I decided on one more meet before the end of the year and planed on competing at the IPA Rexroads Memorial promoted by Bill Crawford, to take place at his gym in Glenn Falls, New York on December 20th. I couldn't stand not locking out 220 and Curtis wanted 500 before his 40th birthday. We have both been training Metal Militia style for a few weeks now and I would like to share with you my last weeks up to our last meet of 2003.

Back To The Drawing Board

First, I went back to the drawing board and I focused on doing better and getting more intense with my training. As I've talked about before Bill Crawford and the Metal Militia is by fare the best style in meet benching. The best in bench technique and bench training is Bill Crawford, period! He is the man behind the Metal Militia compound where the baddest bench pressers flourish. I bench Metal Militia.

Benching Militia style is as follows; very important is your set up, and getting that good arch going. After you are tucked in tight and snug take the bar off the rack. Then descend in what the Militia call a "bodybuilding" style bench press, elbows flared out to the sides. Go down as far as the shirt will let you.

Then when you cannot go down that way any further, immediately bend the bar bringing your elbows in close to your sides. Descend and touch your middle to upper ab, pause the bar, and then on the press command exploded to the start position by floating your elbows back into a rolling lock out motion. Bang! You're locked out. When you get it right it's way cool.

Meet day, it's December 20th and at weigh-ins we meet Captain Kirk Kawroski who is coaching a freaky strong acquaintance of mine, Julie Scalon who did an incredible 401 bench press while still squatting 555 and deadlifting 500. Julie only weighed in @ 162. Freaky! Yep, I know, I said the same thing! Ok more on Julie and the other Metal Militia women later.

Anita Ramsey Here we go, though the meet was a full meet there was also a bench only section for us bench only individuals. I weighed in the day before (Friday) at 144.4 and was then instructed by Bill Crawford and Sabastian Burns to drink lots of Gatorade. We did. I felt so full the next day it was incredible but upon waking and looking the mirror I could have done a lowly local NPC show and placed top five, I was looking pretty hard.

I was in the first flight of lifters and made my opener of 200 was easy! Did it so easy that I knew I was going to get that 220 today. I had it in me. Prior to doing my next attempt Bill comes over and says' to me, "Anita everything has to be perfect or it won't go!" Was this a forewarning? Because, boy was he right. The bar was loaded to 220. Ammonia cap? popped and then with a deep inhale - I got set up. The setup was flawless, the weight is lowered, "press" and the ascent up was pure determination. It was inches away, inches. I just couldn't get that last little push to lock it out. The same went for my 3rd attempt with the same 220; it just wouldn't go.

Like I was previously told; if things are not perfect and in the groove? the lift won't go. I'm ok, and I'll get that weight and more especially with some training visits to the Metal Militia's compound I'll get more then a measly 220. It was OK though, because everyone in the Metal Militia family knew I was going for a "new" World Record and all where behind me. Yep, it happened, I BOMBED on my 2nd and 3rd attempts @ 220. Got my opener of 200, but expanding on my 148 sub-masters World record eluded me this day.

Now some notes on the meet and my fellow Metal militia girls. Again, the girl of the meet had to be Julie Scalon with here 401 bench that was just amazing. Don't get me wrong, squatting a whopping 555 is pretty damn scary too. It was way cool when Carl Seeker told her to get on the bench as "all" who make record are to do in the IPA and Metal Militia.

I want to do that so bad. I want to be told to get atop that bench more then receiving a damned IFBB pro card. It was on to her bench where her new bench coach Smiley set her under 275 - which ties the open record. Ok, even better was Faraone benching an awesome 285 personal record. She gave 305 one hell of a ride as well, and this was done at 118 lbs. Yes people, for real, 285 at only 118 pounds.

Sandi "CandyAzz", mother of little evil who I wrote about earlier, was on hand to go for her 300, but she opted for a solid 285 and decided to go for that 300 another day. Then there was Amy and Cassy. Cassy "Tall Girl" Seymour impressed the hell out of me with her 710 total in a full meet. Why was I impressed? Because Cassy is 6'3" weighing 165. She did the full meet squatting 260? benching 170? deadlifting 275. That's one long pull. Amy did the full meet also totaling 715 @ 132.5 with a 280 squat - 205 bench and a 230 dead lift.

Strong Women Bench Pressers I was a little disappointed not to see Deb Ames or Jenny Burky. But, maybe at the IPA Women's Worlds on May 1st I'll see them, as competitors, cheering them on to victory right next to me. After the meet we where told to get ready quick and to get back to the gym for some drinks and fun.

At the hotel we saw Captain Kirk and Julie and let them ride over with us. That was cool having the squat master Captain Kirk in the car. We spent several hours at a quite little bar, which seemed filled with powerlifters, drinking, laughing and getting loud? it was a great time. Can't wait to do it again.

I have more fun competing and socializing with the people in powerlifting then I had all those years competing in bodybuilding shows. The camaraderie in the sport is outstanding... nothing like bodybuilding. After the new-year I called Bill Crawford to tell him a date Curtis and I would be up for a Saturday workout.

During our conversation I was told by Bill that after he viewed the Rexroads videotape his analysis of my benching technique was as follows: "Your technique sucks! We need to work on your technique." I was sent a tape to view, and he was totally right, my elbows came in to close to my sides putting me in a really awkward position so wonder I didn't get the weight up, my technique does need work. Als

o I'd like to send out a big "Thank You!" to Eclipse, FBX Extreme Wear, House of Pain, Inzer, Diana the Valkrye, Karin's Extreme Power Gear, and of course BB.com for all your support - I couldn't have done it without these great people and places behind me. Oh, yeah, and of course my lifting partner Curtis. Until next time folks, as my husband always says "give me one more rep!"


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