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April 2, 2006
Female Bodybuilder Nicole Bass Tribute

Nicole Bass Pics

About Nicole

Nicole Bass is the Largest Woman Bodybuilder in the world today.

Nicole is the overall winner of the 1997 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships and has competed in the 1997 Ms.Olympia contest. She then went into Pro Wrestling which she is now working at indenpentdent shows world wide.

Nicole has been training for 15 years now and loves the sport of Bodybuilding as well as Pro Wrestling. Nicole loves to meet different people from around the world and learn about their culture and always takes tours in the different countries she visits.

Nicole loves to ride horses, read books, nature and loves to collect rare hairless cats called Sphinx, which she now owns three. Nicole enjoys different foods and her favorite are French and Japanese.

Nicole has blond hair, blue eyes and soft skin, very soft skin. Her favorite color is ... well, you guess it, because she will not tell you :)

  • Nicole is 6`2" and 230 lbs of muscle.
  • She has a 50" chest, 30" waist, 18" arms,
  • 28" thighs with 18" calfs to match!

Favorite quote : "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"

Her best lifts are :

  • Bench Press = 315 for 3 reps
  • Squat = 405 for 2 reps
  • Leg Press = 1,200 for 1 rep
  • Dead Lift = 405 for 1 rep
  • Barbell Curl = 185 for 1 rep
  • Barbell Press = 225 ( over head)
  • Tricep Press down = 130 for 1 rep

All theses reps have been done in front of people while training and with good form.

Nicole Bass Videos

Nicole Pass Slamming Her Opponent

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