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May 28, 2023
Interview With Paul Becker of TrulyHuge

by Mike Westerdal

MW: Can you give the Critical Bench readers a little bit of background information about yourself?

Paul Becker: I started working out in the late 1970's after seeing Pumping Iron on TV, I got so excited I jumped down on the floor and started doing push ups right after the movie was over.

I bought a weight set and some muscle magazines and worked out at home for while then later joined a nearby gym. I make ok gains in the beginning but is wasn't long before gains really slowed down and even stopped. I worked very hard but wasn't gaining, I knew something was wrong.

I spent years, reading, talking to people, trying new things, etc. I finally found some things that worked and then made more gains in 1 year then I had made is all the previous years of training.

I started training others using what I learned and they also got great results, and in 1996 I went online with my website TrulyHuge.com

MW: Tell us a little bit about your current training routine. Are you more of a bodybuilder or a powerlifter?

Paul Becker: I consider myself a bodybuilder.

My current routine is just something I am trying out and that is very high frequency but very low volume workouts. For example I may squat 5 times a week but only 1 work set each day. This type of routine is for advanced lifters and only for short cycles.

MW: What does your diet consist of?

Paul Becker: I eat small meals frequently through out the day.I try to eat clean most of the time, lots of skinless chicken breasts, lean steak, egg whites, brown rice, baked potatos, and raw green vegetables.

MW: What's your stance on the use of steroids and supplements?

Paul Becker: I have never used steroids and do not recomend thier use to enhance bodybuilding or weight lifting.

I am all for legal supplments and use them myself, of course some are a waste of moneybut some really do work.

MW: Paul, what keeps you motivated to train hard and stay intense all year long?

Paul Becker: I have 3 answers to this question:

1) Results, if you are training hard and not seeing results you are going to want to give up. So I always make sure I am seeing progress of some kind in my workouts.

2) If I had to do the same routine all year long I would get too bored and lose my drive to workout. I train is cycles using different routines throughout the year and taking a planned 1 to 2 week layoff at least twice a year to relax and recharge.

3) Motivational techniques. Just like with training and nutrition I have studied and tested all types, and found that most didn't really work.The only one that I endorce is Dianetics, it has stood the test of time, and it gets awesome results on a consistant basis. Read the book, you will be surprised at how much of a diffrence it will make in your training and in your life.

MW: As the owner of one of the Internet's first and best weight lifting Web sites, what advice to you have for beginners that want to get started?

Paul Becker: One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is trying to use some top bodybuilders routine they read in a magazine, it took me years to find out those types of rouitnes do not work for drug free and genetically average people.

A beginner should stick to basic exercises like the squat, bench press, barbell rows, press over head and barbell curls. Keep the workouts short and simple, try to get stronger in the basics while keeping your form perfect.

MW: Since you're site really is truly huge, you have a tremendously popular e-mail newsletter. How can we keep informed and what can we expect from your newsletter?

Paul Becker: I really try to keep my newsletter an open forum and present lots of views and new ideas, also I keep up with current trends on training, diet and supplements.

Also when someone signs up for my newsletter they will be automatically entered in our monthly drawing to win Free Supplements and other great prizes. Anyone can sign up simply by sending an email to newsletter@trulyhuge.com

MW: If you were at the Arnold Classic, who would be the one person you hoped to run into, and why?

Paul Becker: Arnold! He is one of the few big names in the sport I haven't met yet.

MW: You currently have a best selling ebook at your site. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Paul Becker: It's called "Hardgainer Secrets", this is one of the best rouitnes to really pile on musclular bodyweight, this rouitne got me out of a no gain rut that lasted for years. It is not an easy rouitne and diet to follow, I will admit that, but the people who have followed it have all gotten great gains.

For full info go to http://www.trulyhuge.com/pdfbooks.htm?hop=criticalb

MW: Is there any chance you could give and extra bonus to Critical Bench readers who buy your ebook?

Paul Becker: Yes! After they buy the book just have them e-mail me at thmuscle@aol.com to ask for the extra bonus and I will give them an extra free ebook that contains high intensity wokouts for each bodypart.

MW: Thanks for your time Paul. It's been a pleasure. Good luck with your training.

Paul Becker: Thanks Mike!

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