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March 4, 2024
Coach Bossi's Method to Increasing Your Bench Press
By Paul Bossi, President of 100% RAW

Paul Bossi Bench Press Method The human body is like a machine for it to last longer it has to be tuned properly. This has to be done with the up most care and work. The purpose of this report is to put you at your goal of increasing your bench press through a variety of exercises. To do this you must work HARD and be willing to push yourself to failure of each set. With this routine your strength will improve each week with peaks coming on the 8th week . Here are some basic guidelines you to follow.


Do not diet to lose weight during this routine. A thin person should concentrate on foods high in proteins and carbohydrates as much as possible. This will put inches of muscle on all parts of your body. For the heavier person maintain your workout and eat a nutritious meal to replace the vitamins 7 minerals you need to stay healthy.


Get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Rest gives the body time to rebuild muscle fibers and replenish it’s energy by converting complex carbohydrates into glucose which creatures glycogen the main source of energy for the body.


Stress can cause fatigue which leads to lack of energy. Start you workout with a positive attitude. Knowing within a short time you will see the result. Do not do any exercise other than what is on the workout schedule for the days routine.

Below is the workout that I have developed & used for 10 years straight. I have personally come up with routine through trial and error along with smalls tips I have picked up over the years all compounded into 1 routine. I have had my share of peaks and valleys before this routine was finally developed and realized how well it worked. As I was in dire need for a new workout and after 1 year of hard dedicated workouts I went backwards 20 pounds I realized it was time to try something new. The 1st 2 weeks I used this routine I went up 20 lbs and felt great. And after 6 weeks I was up 50 lbs. I have used routine since 1994. My best bench press is 585lbs @ a body weight of 214 lbs done in Elizabeth City in May of 2002. I also did a 560 lb bench press at Bench America in Chicago on July 5th, 2003 @ 212 lb body weight. In 2004 I am aiming to hit 600 lbs. This is done 100% DRUG FREE. I have named this routine the REVERSE PYRAMID METHOD.

This routine is called the REVERSE PYRAMID METHOD. It is designed for the lifter to utilize their full power & strength before fatigue and burn out occurs during the workout. The body uses ATP & Glycogen as its main source of energy when under extreme stress when heavy lifting or sprinting is performed. There are many variables that come into play when a person goes into the gym to workout that can affect their workout for the day. Things such as stress, what you ate last night or today, how hard you worked today at work, were you outside in the heat working all day, are you coming down with a flu or bug, relationship problems, amount of sleep you got are a few to mention. These variables can cause you to lose repetitions during the workout and falsely make you feel like you are getting weaker. Although with this REVERSE PYRAMID METHOD these variables will not affect you because your body has enough glycogen & ATP stored to do 1 set of 3. The reason I say 1 set of 3 is because a set of 3 keeps your top end max weight without over training.

Paul Bossi 100% RAW Powerlifting Bench Program In a good powerlifting routine you only need to do each body part once a week and let the muscles rest and recover before putting the heavy demands back on them. You do not want to take off so much time the muscles begin to atrophy. Guys that try to max each week will over-train and go backwards after a few weeks. Strength is made when you do sets of (6-10) repetitions using push to failure. You need to get a certain amount of work in before you tax the muscles and totally break them down. This routine is for the DRUG FREE LIFTER who wants to make gains the old fashion way and earn them. This workout is a 3-day routine which will allow your body the time it needs to rest & recover and replenish its ATP & Glycogen levels for the next workout. When doing this routine remember that number of repetitions I suggest. Mostly I use (8-10) reps and when I hit 11 reps that is when I move up on the weight. When I do my 1 triple (1x3) each week at the beginning of my workout I will only go up if I do 4 reps and this is how I judge my progress.

This routine is for the Drug free lifter who understands that gains are made over a period of time not over night. Yes you will hit a times were you will be stuck on a weight for a while but remember it takes time and dedication, just keep fighting through it. You will not over train with this routine as you will always stay strong and ready. We have a saying we say in the federation “I IXL so can you, there are no limits drug free”. Good luck and let me know how you like this workout.

Monday (Chest)

Bench Warm-ups “what ever you need to do to warm up”
Set 1 (1x3) Reps Max weight were 3 is the limit and if you get 4 move up next week.
Set 2 (8x10) Reps “When you get 11 Reps Move up (5-10lbs)
Set 3 (8x10) Reps “When you get 11 Reps Move up (5-10lbs)
Set 4 (8x10) Reps “When you get 11 Reps Move up (5-10lbs)
Set 5 (8x10) Pauses, Have your partner give you the press signal after bar is motionless.

Incline 3 – Sets of (8x10) Reps “When you get 11 Reps Move up (5-10lbs)

Decline 3 – Sets of (8x10) Reps “When you get 11 Reps Move up (5-10lbs)

Tuesday (Back & Biceps)

Bicep 4 – Sets (8x10) Reps Curls Inside on EZ curl Bar
4 – Sets (8x10) Reps Curls Inside on EZ curl Bar
3 – Sets (8x10) Double Bicep Pull Down
2 – Sets Pull-ups MAX OUT

Back 3 – Sets (8x10) Lat Pull Down
3 – Sets (8x10) Reps Low Row
3 – Sets (8x10) Bent over rows

Wednesday (Shoulders & Triceps)

Shoulder Press 4 – Sets (8x10) Reps

Forward Lateral Raises 3 – Sets (10x12) Reps

Reverse Cable Extensions 3 – Sets (10x12) Reps

Close Grip Bench 4 – Sets (8x10) Reps

French Curls 3 – Sets (8x10) Reps

Triceps Extensions 4 – Sets (8x10) Reps

Dips 2 Sets of Max


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