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May 30, 2017
Powerlifting Chalk

APT Pro Gear Weight Lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics Chalk

Premium Grade weight lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics chalk
1 pound box of Weight Lifting Chalk,
8 bars, 2 ounce bars per box
Superior Weight Lifting Chalk from Noberts
Excellent quality Chalk for ALL weight lifting sports & Exercise
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powerlifting chalk


Ooh, I love the smell of chalk in the morning. It smells like victory! Chalk, aka the humble magnesium carbonate, is the white powdery stuff you see gymnasts slapping all over their hands when they do their events. It absorbs moisture and makes it much easier to get a good grip on the bar. Competing powerlifters even chalk up their backs before squatting or bench pressing. You can get chalk in a couple of different forms. It comes in a solid block that you just rub on to your palms (it's handy to keep this form in a tupperware container). It also comes in a chalk ball, which is a small squashy ball made of netting, full of loose chalk. It's about the size of a golf ball. This is the form that rock climbers use, and they put it in a cute little bag with a drawstring neck. Then they just stick their hand into the bag, pinch the ball between thumb and fingers, rub it back and forth, and retract their hand with chalk on it. Chalk balls and bags are quite easy to locate; simply check at your local rock climbing or outdoor gear store. The block form is sometimes harder to find since many sporting goods stores don't carry it (lately, sporting goods stores seem to cater to folks who just want to look athletic, not be athletic.

Now this stuff will definitely make your life easier. Problem is, it isn't allowed in many gyms, so you either have to make a fuss about it and see if they'll grant you special treatment (dubious, but worth a shot) or sneak it in. Using a chalk ball and bag is a good way to do this. If you wear baggy pants that are light gray, you can probably even get away with sticking the ball in your pocket. Discreetly get some chalk on your hand before lifting, then wipe the bar when you're done (carrying a little towel is handy for wiping up spills and evidence).

powerlifting chalk used by powerlifter in compeition

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