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May 30, 2017
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Powerlifting Singlets

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Powerlifting Singlets
by Mike Westerdal

Powerlifting Singlet for sale What is a powerlifting singlet? It's an obvious question but you'd be surprised how many people aren't familiar with the term. A singlet literally means "one piece" of material. Kind of like a full piece bathing suit for girls. However this article of athletic clothing isn't used for looking good on the beach, it is used to compete in powerlifting. Most powerlifting federations require that all contestants wear powerlifting singlets in a powerlifting meet. Any other powerlifting equipment such as a bench press shirt would

Be worn underneath the singlet. Equipped powerlifters prefer to pull their bench shirts down so that the collar doesn't ride up on their neck. Wearing the powerlifting singlet above the bench shirt can make this tricky, but with the help of your handlers it shouldn't' be a problem. A buddy could actually put their hands up the leg of your powerlifting singlet to grab the bench shirt and pull it down.

If you're competiting raw there's nothing to it. Just slide the powerlifting singlet over your underwear and t-shirt and you're good to go. In Raw powerlifting meets a singlet is usually required for all three lifts; the squat, bench press and deadlift. Materials can vary, but they are usually made out of a blend of materials including polyester, spandex and cotton. There are a variety of colors and styles. One thing to watch out for when buying your Powerlifting Singlet is to know the rule in your powerlifting federation regarding length of the legs. Some singlets especially those designed for wrestling are much longer. Wrestling singlets tend to go right above the knee. However many powerlifting federations have a rule that the legs can't go more than half way down the leg. APT powerlifting singlets are the perfect length and recommended over purchasing a product designed for another sport.

Why do powerlifting meets require powerlifting singlets? The answer is simple, so that the judges can better grade the lifts. Imagine someone wearing a baggy tshirt and baggy shorts when bench pressing. How could the judge possibly tell if the but came off the bench? With a powerlifting singlet it's easy to tell. You've got some anal judges that don't want the powerlifting singlet to be the same color as the bench pad, because it can make it hard to see if the butt comes up. This is silly, all you have to do is look for light between the butt and the pad. No light, than the butt stayed down on the bench. Again for the squat it makes it easier for the judges to see that the lift was parallel when a powerlifter wears a singlet.

Another reason to wear a powerlifting singlet is to show support for your sponsor. Pictures show up in magazines, on the Iternet and it's nice to the see the logo of your favorite company. Get your powerlifting singlet from APT who has been a heavy supporter of the sport for years!

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