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June 12, 2024
Raw Unity Meet Results & Photos
January 26-27th, 2008 - Tampa, FL

Raw Unity Powerlifting Meet

Co-Sponsored by CriticalBench.com

Raw Unity Powerlifting Meet

January 31, 2008

Hello fellow lifters.

First of all, I want to say that the Raw Unity Meet was an overwhelming success and because of that I will personally see that it now becomes an annual event. I will remain the main person in charge just like I was this year in order to ensure that future Raw Unity Meets are conducted to the same standards that we have now all been exposed to.

It would be impossible for me to thank everyone that helped make this huge undertaking a success, so rather than acknowledge everyone publicly I will correspond with those individuals privately.

Raw Unity powerlifting
Bench Provided by CriticalBench.com - Spotters Wearing Critical Bench tshirts
Photo by SAS Digital Memories - 863-559-3917

I would like to first thank all of you lifters that took a chance on an unproven event. You guys are the backbone of the competition and without your participation and support this dream of ours would never have been realized. I have been involved and around the sport of powerlifting since 1995 and I will say that I have never been surrounded by a more generous group of athletes than I was with the Raw Unity Meet. I am not only honored but humbled at this show of support, and I would like to say that your trust in me is something I do not take lightly. I will not abuse it; I will honor it by continuing to work hard to make the event bigger and better in the years to come.

I would like to thank my sponsor Elite Fitness Systems for helping me out with whatever I needed whenever I needed it. Dave Tate was generous enough to give me access to resources that Elite Fitness Systems offers to its sponsored athletes, and I am both proud and humbled to be a part of Team Elitefts. I would not have been able to do the event the way that I did without them, and I cannot thank them enough for their support.

Raw Unity powerlifting

I would like to thank our sponsors BMF Sports, Titan Support Systems, AtLarge Nutrition, APT Pro Gear, Critical Bench, Beachside Fitness Equipment, Powerlifting Watch, Powerlifting USA, and Swords by Charles Venturella. Without their support, the cash awards and all of the FREE giveaways would not have happened. Due to the emails that I have received many lifters have never seen the level of generosity in terms of t-shirts, wrist wraps, shaker bottles, etc. that was offered at the Raw Unity Meet. I can only imagine how risky it must have been for Bud, Pete, Chris, Alan, Mike, Jim, Richard, Janie, Jon, Mike L., and Charles to take a financial chance on something like the Raw Unity Meet. Therefore, I would ask that the competitors take the time to email these individuals back and let them personally know how much their support and contributions meant to us so that they will feel confident in supporting the event in the future. Whenever you need to buy something for your training-whether it is equipment, clothing, supplements, etc. I would ask that you first consider buying it from one of these great companies. It is really very simple: the more that we help out these companies and spread the word about them, the more they are able to contribute to the event. It is a win-win situation for all of us!

I would like to thank the judging team, the spotters, loaders, and scorer's table personnel. Once again, I know each one of them personally and will thank them in my own way in private, but just so you know I have not received ONE complaint from the judging, spotting, or the scorer's table. Each one of these jobs is extremely hard to do, but our team not only did it but did it to perfection. I could not have asked for a better group of men and women to work the event, and my hat goes off to each of them.

Raw Unity powerlifting

I want to thank all of the local meet directors and gym owners (you guys know who you are) who basically gave me whatever I needed when I needed it. I am so proud to be a part of Florida powerlifting in and around the Tampa Bay Area. I have no idea how or why we seem to have some of the best lifters in the United States, but I am very fortunate to have access to such great men and women that I have the distinct honor of calling my friends.

I want to thank the spectators for coming out and supporting the event. At one point there was no room left in the banquet hall, and there were people out in the halls trying to get a glimpse of the action. For a first time event that had just a little media exposure, I think this speaks volumes for what kind of interest there is in powerlifting and strength sports not only in the Tampa Bay area but in general. I think that powerlifters are waiting to be marketed the right way and perhaps this meet was a huge step in the right direction.

Raw Unity powerlifting Talmant

I want to thank my wife and my coach for believing in me and this idea. I would like to think that I am a pretty tough individual, but just like everyone else I have my moments when I falter or waiver. My wife and my coach were ALWAYS there for me to pick me up and put me back on track when I veered off course. I am so deeply honored to have such loving and caring people in my life.

I would like to say a bit about the upcoming year and how the Raw Unity Meet will work for 2009. First, if you competed in the 2008 Raw Unity Meet than you are automatically invited back to participate in 2009. Second, instead of taking the top 10 lifters in each weight class I have established qualifying totals, which will be sent out very soon. This total can be met in any official competition, whether it is federation sanctioned or not. This leads me to my next point: BMF Sports is considering having a series of unsanctioned Raw Unity Meet qualifiers in various geographic locations. I will pass along more and more details as this idea materializes further but please do not confuse this with a new federation because it is not.

Raw Unity powerlifting Talmant

The goals and the spirit of the Raw Unity Meet will always be the same: to get the best lifters who are willing to compete raw in one room under one set of rules to see who is the strongest. I reach out to and invite any and all lifters to make the 2009 Raw Unity Meet a priority. Just ask any of the lifters in this year's event and they will tell you that from top to bottom we chose to do it right. I thank everyone for their time and support and look forward to an even better Raw Unity Meet in 2009.

In Strength and Health,

Eric Talmant

Raw Unity Powerlifting Meet


At the inaugural Raw Unity Meet in Tampa, Florida, Beau Moore captured the Heavyweight division, Ryan Celli the Middleweights, and Hennis Washington was victorious in the Lightweight division. The best female lifter was Ellen Stein and the best bencher was again Ryan Celli.

Raw Unity Meet Powerlifting Championships LIGHTWEIGHTS

Hennis Washington 132 - 1,201
Mike Lane 181 - 1,460
Eric Talmant 165 -1,366
W.C. Waldron 161.6 - 1,339
Jimi Aikey 176 - 1,361
Andrew Kim 177 - 1,355
Johnny Vasquez 165 - 1,284
Rolando Manso 145 - 1,162
Derron Bohne 176 - 1,306
Tom Roselli 155 - 1,173
Robert Fay 147 - 1,085
Andre Ferreira 162 - 1,140
Art Menton 165 - 1,118


Ryan Celli 193 - 1,758
Greg Nuckols 213.6 - 1,438
James Jacobs 252 - 1,884
Chip Edalgo 254 - 1,769
Mike Bishop 197.6 - 1,576
Jeremy Hamilton 198 - 1,565
Thomas Snellings 240 - 1,631

Raw Unity Meet Powerlifting Championships HEAVYWEIGHTS

Beau Moore 330 - 2,022
Buddy McKee 281.8 - 1,504


Ellen Stein 127 - 727
Kristi Devenyi 162 - 810


Ryan Celli 193 - 518
John Dolan 330 - 628
Michael Green 227 - 529
Michael Hummel 237 - 518
Dru Patrick 305 - 518
Jim Patterson 197 - 440
Claude Bouyer 160 - 380
Joe Hill 180 - 402
Neal Dreisig 147 - 325


Raw Unity Bench Only

All 2008 RAW Unity Meet Photos Here

All photographs from the Raw Unity Meet are copyright protected and used with permission from
SAS Digital Memories - 863-559-3917



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