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May 28, 2017
Rehband Products - Knee/ Elbow Sleeves & Support

Rehband Powerlifting Braces Sleeves and Support

Rehband Athletic Powerlifting Support It all began in 1955 when a family from Estonia founded the "Institutet för Bråckskador" (The institute for hernia injuries) in Stockholm in order to develop and manufacture rehabilitation bandages. Rehband as we know it today was founded on the basis of hernia bandages. During the 1970s the company broadened its product range and changed its name to Rehband Anatomiska AB.

In 1999 Rehband became part of Otto Bock Scandinavia AB which, in its turn, is part of Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, one of the world's leading technical orthopaedics companies. This is the ideal environment for Rehband.

We work closely with doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to provide products with the best possible fit, quality and function. As we develop all our products ourselves, we need both medical knowledge and an understanding of modern materials. All the necessary expertise is available from Otto Bock Scandinavia's development department.

Rehband is a Swedish brand on an international market which develops bandages and orthoses for sport and rehabilitation.

Rehband Knee Sleeve - Rehband Knee Support

Rehband Knee Sleeves

Rehband Elbow Sleeve - Rehband Elbow Support

Rehband Elbow Sleeves

Rehband Shin Calf Sleeve - Rehband Shin Calf Support

Rehband Shin Calf Sleeves

Rehband Knee & Elbow Sleeve Support Package

Rehband Knee Elbow Support Sleeve

Rehband Knee - Elbow & Shin Calf Sleeve Support Package

Rehband knee elbow shin calf brace support sleeve

Prefer APT Brand Knee & Elbow Sleeves?

APT knee and eblow sleeves

USAPL Approved

The USAPL now defines raw/unequipped lifting as using only a singlet, belt, wrist wraps and knee sleeves. Now, a word on knee sleeves. At this point in time, as an organization we are going to accept ALL commercial grade knee sleeves until notified differently. The USAPL will now move raw/unequipped lifting from the local/state level to the national level. On this note, Harold Gaines will direct the first ever raw/unequipped national championships during July 2008, in St. Louis. Any further questions, or clarification pertaining to raw/unequipped lifting, please feel free to contact me directly at: rhk@verizon.net.


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