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July 14, 2024

Review of the REAL Man Muscle Building Course
By Mike Westerdal of CriticalBench.com

Review of the REAL Man Muscle Building Course

The REAL Man Muscle Building Course was developed by a guy named Zach Even-Esh, a successful professional trainer with a passion for pushing old school, hardcore training techniques and programs. I have read the book from cover-to-cover and have even tried out some of the routines and I have to say I like what I see.

There's no doubt that this guy is a living example of his program and I especially like the fact that it doesn't rely on fancy or expensive equipment. You can do REAL Man just about anywhere. Zach himself likes to do his workouts outside or sometimes he even just uses playground equipment. To get started and see results, all you need is your own body weight. As you improve, you can improve your strength-and your results-with a set of dumbbells. And if you don't have a set of those, you can use whatever you can find-even rocks.

I appreciate that Zach emphasizes the mental aspect of getting fit. There are a lot of great bodybuilding programs out there but a lot of them overlook helping to overcome the head games and the mental crap that prevents us from achieving all that we can, not just in fitness but in all areas of our lives.

Don't be deceived by the simplicity of his program though-only about half-dozen basic elements make up the core of the program. It's the ongoing focus on these core exercises that make the program so effective.

Review of the REAL Man Muscle Building Course Remember-complex and difficult-to-learn don't necessarily mean better results.

Here are the basic movements that form the foundation of REAL man fitness: squats, lunges, pull-ups/chin-ups, push-ups, leg raises and short-distance sprints. But, though these are the foundation of the program, Zach suggests about 15 variations for each exercise, meaning that you'll never get bored and your routine will never get stale.

Another difference between Zach's programs and others is that REAL man fitness offers a seriously well-rounded approach. Some programs focus on the "show" muscles at the expense of other muscle groups. These are what Zach refers to as "beach" muscles because these are the ones we like to show off when we're at the beach. But REAL man fitness approach includes a particular focus on strengthening our weak areas too-not just the obvious muscle groups. That's a refreshing and effective change that really improves results.

Any really good bodybuilder knows that building the core-the back and legs-is essential to success and that's exactly what REAL Man fitness does. This is important because it does several things: 1) it primes the body's endocrine system for all around growth; 2) it boosts strength in multiple muscle groups at the same time; 3) and it really helps to boost your metabolism, which can result in considerably greater fat loss.

Another nice thing I like about the program is that it is designed for anybody, regardless of your ability or skill level. You start out wherever you are and build from there. Zach's strategy for improving you ability is accomplished through what he calls "working the groove." That is, regularly doing submax (not to failure) sets at various times throughout the day, improving your skill level by increasing the number of reps or by adding weight to make it more difficult.

The workouts presented in REAL Man are short but intense. They're comprised of groups of exercises performed in circuits. Rest times are kept to a minimum. If you're not ready to handle the rapid-fire pace right from the start, not to worry-begin with what you can handle and build up your strength and endurance. Progress is made by increasing the number of reps or sets, shortening rest periods, adding weight or resistance, or by doing more work in the same amount of time.

Review of the REAL Man Muscle Building Course

Zach also includes strategies for staying focused and on track. His suggestions are all things you see in just about any personal success program, but they're usually not part of a fitness program. It's a well thought out strategy though and an effective part of REAL Man Fitness because sticking with a program is where most people fail. They start out great but they drop out after a while.

Overall, I think the REAL Man program is excellent. It is a simple but effective program that covers all of the basics simply and thoroughly.

Any guy who follows Zach's REAL Man program and sticks with it, will undoubtedly be happy with the results-a leaner, meaner and stronger body.

Zach Even-Esh's - Real Man Muscle Building CourseREAL Man Muscle Building Course

Incredibly Powerful 15 Minute REAL Man Fitness? Program Which Saves You Precious Time, Is Super Efficient and Guaranteed to Slice Away Unwanted Body Fat While Building Granite Hard Muscle, Just as Youve Always Desired.

The muscle building info included in this course coupled with the nutrition guidance delivers powerful results. If they donít work for you, then youíre missing one thing: The balls to push yourself through high levels of intensity and heavy weights.

Sorry, thatís just the plain truth. The REAL Man Muscle Building Course because itís for men in the REAL world, who work like crazy, have very little time and need to maximize the hell out of their workouts, no pussy footiní around.




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