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May 27, 2020
Ronnie Coleman DVD - On The Road Video

Ronnie Coleman DVD Ronnie Coleman on the Road
See Ronnie's full HARDCORE WORKOUT and POSING when on the road!

Shot in Australia over 3 days in October 2005 with 3 cameras, just 5 days after his historic 8th Olympia victory. Ronnie is hard and ripped - you've never seen him like this for a full body workout shoot. Between sets, Ronnie explains how and why he does each exercise - Mr. Olympia reveals his secrets. Witness the insanely heavy weights used, this isn't performed for the camera, it's real and intense. Ronnie performs his Mr Olympia posing routine on stage. His special seminar posing routine at the Fitness Warehouse is also included.

101 minutes of mind bending, gut busting workout action with the king of bodybuilding. Plus 14 minutes of special features - Total running time 115 minutes.

Special Features

Ronnie’s personal comments
Signing photos with his fans
Back stage pumping
Photo Gallery

Brief list of contents of Ronnie Coleman - On the Road DVD.

Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder This DVD has easy navigation with multiple chapter points. We will have a full review of the DVD on the site as soon as one becomes available.

After an opening segment showing a number of short highlights from the DVD, Ronnie gets down to some serious BACK TRAINING. Our super bodybuilding Guru, Tony Doherty chats with Ronnie throughout most of the DVD gleaning many secrets and tips for his fans. Ronnie then POSES HIS BACK! Plus MORE POSING in the gym.

Next it is onto BICEPS training with various exercises followed by more mind bending POSING OF MIGHTY ARMS!

You will see Ronnie's favourite "ABS" exercises while on the road and also hear Ronnie's thoughts on nutrition and diet. In particular learn about Ronnie's 6 meals per day and what he eats.

The incredible GUEST POSING ROUTINE Ronnie performed at the Victorian Championships is seen next, with his Mr Olympia condition simply amazing his many fans down-under. This is the first time his 2005 Olympia routine has been seen on DVD, as the Olympia DVD has not been released at the time of this release.

It is back in the gym for training SHOULDERS followed by MORE POSING of shoulders and arms. The mind bending TRAPS training which is shown on the main cover photo came next, followed by more upper body poses.

CHEST TRAINING is next with a little surpise in the training shirt department! Naturally there is more CHEST POSING for the cameras and the few lucky fans in the gym who saw us shoot the DVD.

The scene shifts to The Fitness Warehouse Megastore in Adelaide and RONNIE POSES at the SEMINAR for the packed audience. From the seminar we took Ronnie straight to the gym for his LEGS TRAINING. Witness some unbelievable sets on the leg curl machine where the hamstrings show the most incredible separation I have ever seen. Plus much more.

This is followed by POSING and FLEXING of LEGS before the DVD moves on to the GUEST POSING ENCORE which took place at the Victorian Championships in Melbourne. Followed by the end credits thanking the many people who were involved in this very special project.

In particular our sincere thanks to Ronnie who really busted himself and almost sweated blood to show you how hard and heavy he trains when ON THE ROAD.

That is an overview of the main movie. The Special Features are listed above. Click Here to Order the DVD


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