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March 4, 2024
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Shaq O'Neal Bench Press & Workout
researched by Ben Tatar

Shaq Bench Press What makes Shaquille O'Neil amazing? The fact that he entered the NBA and shattered backboard after backboard? The fact that he has ruined Jason Kidd's, Allen Iverson's, Reggie Miller's and Chris Webber's dream of winning an NBA Championship? Well, it's obvious that Shaquille O'Neil has had great success on the basketball court but Shaquille O'Neil has also been very successful in the weight room! Shaquille O'Neil has in fact bench pressed an astounding 450lbs! Well, if you ever wonder how Shaq trains than Bill Foran Shaq's coach explains how:

Shaq's Routine


*Bench Press
*Military Press
*Triceps Pressdowns
*Pull Ups
*EZ Bar Curl
*Internal and External rotator cuff exercises
*Leg Raises
*Oblique Sit-Ups
*Medicine Ball Crunches
*Abdominal Holds


*Leg Extensions
*Leg Curls
*Standing Calf Raises
*Dorsi Flexion
*Reverse Hypers
*Standing Trunk Rotations
*Low Back Stabilizers

On days the team is idle he has been known to do as much as 2-hour cardio sesssions at a time.

Diet wise he sticks to high protein and lower carb.

A typical day looks like this:

Breakfast: Egg White Omlette
Snack: Health Bar
Lunch: Two Pieces of chicken breast and a salad
Meal 4: Fish
Meal 5: More chicken

Shaq's In-Season Workout Routine

Monday/Thursday (UPPER BODY AND ABS)

*Bench Press 2x10
*Military Press 2x10
*Triceps Press downs 2x10
*Pull Ups 2x failure
*Shrugs 2x10
*EZ Bar Curl 2x10
*Internal and External rotator cuff exercises 2x10

Then he goes to abs
*Leg Raises
*Oblique Sit-Ups
*Medicine Ball Crunches
*Abdominal Holds

Tuesday/Friday (LEGS)

*Squats 2x10
*Lunges 2x10
*Leg Extensions 2x10
*Leg Curls 2x10
*Standing Calf Raises 2x10
*Dorsi Flexion 2x10
*Hyperextensions 2x10
*Reverse Hypers 2x10
*Standing Trunk Rotations 2x10
*Low Back Stabilizers 2x10

NOTE* On days the team is idle Shaq will sometimes do 2 hours of cardio sessions.

Off-Season Routine

During the off season you will perform the same exercises that Shaq does on the on season, but Shaq will do 3 sets instead of 2 sets of each exercise! Also this is the time Shaq will occasionally do lower reps and max out.

Shaq's Diet

Breakfast: Egg White Omelets
Snack: Health Bar
Lunch: Two Pieces of chicken breast and a salad
Meal 4: Fish
Meal 5: More chicken
High protein and low carbs.

Other tips use good form and perform the negative phase of the lift slow and the positive fast and explosive!!


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