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October 19, 2021
The Formula for Developing Killer Speed
By Mark Strasser M.S. CSCS of CriticalBench.com

An Overview of The Critical Speed Manual

The Secret Is Out!

The Critical Speed Manual combines all the components of training into simple and easy-to-follow guidelines. The eight-week program is divided into four Phases (two-weeks each). Each day is broken down into four sections: Speed Drills, Running Workout, Weight Room, and Plyometrics. A list of exercises and drills are listed underneath each section

The running workout is completed after the speed drills. Most of the time the running workout will be completed on a track. A track is easily accessible and safe. The running workouts focus on developing your maximum speed, sustaining your maximum speed, and building your speed endurance for a foundation. Building up your speed endurance requires repetitive runs with a short amount of rest. Developing and maintaining your maximum speed requires short distance sprints with a longer amount of rest. Determining the distance of a run on a track is simple: One lap = 400m, lap = 200m, one straightaway or one curve are both equal to 100m each.

Speed Development The weight room workouts will always follow the running workouts. Proper running form is compromised if the weight room workout is completed before the running because the muscles will become exhausted. The weight room workouts are divided into Heavy lifting days for the upper body and lower body, and also Speed and Explosive lifting days for the upper and lower body. On Heavy lifting days DO NOT compromise lifting form when adding weight. Each phase of the program will identify the sets and reps for the exercises. On Speed and Explosive lifting days you are focusing on completing the exercises as fast as possible, but still under control.

Plyometrics will be the last group completed for each day. Plyometrics will never be performed on the day you are in the weight room. There are four different Plyometric Routines: three lower-body routines and one upper-body routines.

Core exercises are not included in the four groups because they are automatically completed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Descriptions and explanations are given in the program. Follow the core exercise program that best fits your ability and equipment availability. The abilities range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes.

The Coach's Comments give cues about the training charts. The comments are tips and pointers for what to focus on for that day. Think of the comments as your own personal coach's suggestions. Work hard and remember: Athlete's are Made, Not Born!

How to run fasterCritical Speed Manual
Decrease Your 40 Yard Dash with the Critical Speed Manual. If you are interested in gaining speed and training with a World-class strength and conditioning coach, then this is the most exciting training manual you'll ever read!

  Download the electronic version as a pdf.


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