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October 27, 2021
7 Sprint-Specific Exercises Using a Medicine Ball
By Mark Strasser M.S. CSCS of CriticalBench.com

Abdominal/Core Training

Nearly every athletic movement involves the use of your Abdominals, Obliques and/or Erector muscles. These muscles are the core of all strength and power movements, as well as the core muscular connection between your upper and lower body. These muscles are either involved in moving your torso or they work to stabilize your mid-section. In addition, these core muscles help provide the balance required to stay on your feet while running and changing direction. As a result, these muscles undergo great amounts of stress and need to be conditioned regularly. The stronger these muscles are the more support and stability they can provide. If these muscles are weak and unable to supply the stability your body demands, injury is likely to occur. Therefore, you must overload and challenge these muscles to build strength, just like you do with every other muscle group throughout your body. This program includes core training in each of the four phases.

core exercises and ab exercises with medicine ballsSPRINT SPECIFIC EXERCISES (Medicine Ball)

1. Abduction/Adduction (3-4 kg ball)
-Controlled speed.

Starting Position: Straddle-sit position with the ball placed on the ground at the ankles.

Movement Description: Push the ball back and forth between the ankles.

2. Medicine Ball Step Up (3-5 kg ball) - Fast speed

Starting Position: Straddle-stand position with the ball held at the chest.

Movement Description: Using a stable box, step-up onto a box. Step up with the other foot and repeat.

3. Overhead Backwards (3-5 kg ball) - Explosive speed

Straddle stand position with the ball held extended overhead.

Movement Description: Swing the ball down through the legs which simultaneously squatting and bending at the waist. Explode back up throwing the ball back overhead for maximum distance.

4. Forward Through the Legs (3-5 kg ball) - Explosive speed

Starting Position: Straddle -stand position with the ball held in the overhead position.

Movement Description: Swing the ball down between the legs, simultaneously bending at the knees and waist. Extend the hips, legs, and back throwing the ball forward for maximum distance.

5. Medicine Ball Hamstring Curls (2-5 kg ball) - Fast speed

Starting Position: Lying prone with arms out in front of the body.

Movement Description: A partner stands in front of the receiver and rolls the ball down the back, hips, and legs to the feet. The receiver curls up his/her legs flipping the ball back to the partner.

6. Frog Kick- Hang (2-4 kg ball) - Controlled speed

Starting Position: Hang from a bar overhead with the arms extended and feet barely touching the ground, holding the ball between the ankles.

Movement Description: Bring the knees to the chest and slowly return to the starting position.

7. Squat, Throw, Fall and Chase (2-4 kg ball) - Fast speed

Starting Position: Straddle stand position with the ball held at the chest.

Movement Description: Squat down and extend leg out while throwing the ball forward. Upon release, drop into a front support position, execute a push-up, scramble out and chase the ball.

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