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July 18, 2024
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A Strength Training Tip: Muscle Recovery
by Gary Matthews

Many studies at universities, conducted around the world have shown clearly that recuperation from strength training requires far more rest time than previously thought. The latest studies have indicated that high intensity strength trained muscles need more time than previously thought to recover and become stronger some studies show that muscles are still overcompensating and getting stronger for up to 21 days after the previous workout.

Researchers have found that fitness enthusiasts can reduce the time they spend working out by two-thirds and still achieve the same results. A study involving male weightlifters has suggested it is counter-productive to spend hours exercising.

Those who exercised less saw significant decrease in body fat. The study focused on 16 students aged 19 to 23, who already worked out regularly. They were split into two groups. Both carried out upper-body training three times a week for eight weeks. One group did one set of eight repetition: the other did three sets of the same exercise.

At the end of the study both groups had improved "significantly" in terms of muscular strength, said researchers from the health and exercise science unit at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd, Wales. Report author Dr Julien Baker said "This study indicates that it is counter-productive to spend hours at the gym, and that a shorter work-out can achieve exactly the same results.

Muscles take between 4-7 days to fully recover from a workout and another 2-3 days for over-compensation to take place. It can also take up to 7-14 days for the neuro - muscular system to fully recover from a high intensity strength training session.

Iíve observed in 20 years working in gyms, the same people continuing to train week in and week out, three to four and even more times a week even though they havenít made progress in months or even years of training. I have found through experience that any strength training program that has you in the gym three or more times a week will have you plateau within four to five weeks and nothing you do will shift you from this plateau short of cutting back on training which will re-start the gaining processes again.

Strength Training Tip: Muscle Recovery

The only exception to this rule is the beginner whose strength will increase through neurological adaptations for up to three months after starting strength training. Also perfect technique must be maintained and followed to maximize the training stimulus on the muscle and to minimize the risk of injury during this period. Studies have also concluded that split strength training programs have been shown to be no more beneficial than full body training programs.

The training frequency that you, and everybody else, should use is variable, not fixed. I repeat not fixed, when you strength train, as a way to develop more muscle the intensity of your workouts has to progress upward. If they remain at the same intensity there is no reason for new muscle to grow. If you want to train effectively you have to understand the relationship between the increasing intensity of your workouts and the decreasing frequency of those workouts.

The two main components of strength training are the intensity of the exercise and the recovery after the exercise. Infrequent, short, high intensity weight training sessions, followed by the required amount of time to recover and become stronger is what is needed to increase functional muscle size. Your rest days are just as important as your training days. By giving your muscles more time to recover between strength training sessions you will be on the road to major gains in strength, muscle size and fat loss.

So there you have it, it's not the training volume but the intensity and recuperation that's important when it comes to Gains in Strength and Muscle.Ē

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