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May 31, 2023
Strongman Competition

Total Performance Sports presents...

The MA State Stongman/Woman Championships - Charity Competition

Critical Bench.com was proud to be a sponsor of this event held on Saturday July 23, 2005 at Wonderland Greyhound Park, Rever MA.

Pro Strongman Sean Smith
Professional Strongman Competitor Sean Smith
Demonstrates the Critical Bench - Viking Press

Stongman Overview

The sport of strongman requires the brute strength of a powerlifter, the explosive, or speed strength, of a weightlifter or thrower, the speed and conditioning of a football player, the muscular endurance of freestyle wrestler, enduring grip strength and mental toughness. The sport is roughly 50% strength, and 50% skill. It's not always the strongest man that wins; more often, it's the best prepared.

Strongman competitions consist of several tasks that must be done under specific circumstances. Typical events of a competition might be flipping a truck tire a certain distance for speed, pressing a log overhead for maximum reps, farmer's carry of two heavy implements a certain distance for speed, or lifting a large, heavy stone to platforms of different heights for time. Points are awarded in each event based on placing and the one with the most points at the end is the winner. The fact that the events are not standardized makes the sport unique and it requires well-rounded preparedness by its athletes.

Stongman Divisions

LWW = Lightweight Women: 140 & Under
LWN = Lightweight Novice: and Under
LWM = Lightweight Men : 175 and Under, 176 to 321
HWW = Heavyweight Women : 141 and Over
HWN = Heavyweight Novice: 226 and Over
HWM = Heavyweight Men : 232 and Up

This year, Total Performance Sports was able to fundraise a nice contribution for The Chelsea Soldier's Home and the Melrose Humane Society. It was a great day. For those of you not familiar with strongman competitions the events are described below along with some pics of the event.

Strongman Event #1 - Atlas Stones

This event is one of the coolest, most traditional events in strongman history. Lifting large, round stones of various weights onto (apx) 48" platforms. Stone must be placed on platform under control. It cannot roll off. Athlete has to retrieve and reload if it does fall off. Scoring starts with a time on the 3rd loaded stone. 75-second time limit.

LWW: 116, LWN: 175, LWM: 240, HWW: 175, HWN: 240, HWM: 290

Atlas Stones      These rocks are heavy!

Stongman Event #2 - Critical Bench, Viking Press

This event is pretty straight forward with very little variation. The objective is to get as many reps as possible in 75-seconds on this shoulder press looking apparatus. Hands can be on the handles to start. Full lockout (Lockout will be: Elbows locked, feet even, hips inline with shoulders and ankles, knees locked) must be achieved for the rep to count and the athlete must wait for the referres signal to lower the weight.

LWW: 110, LWN: 160, LWM: 230, HWW: 140, HWN: 180, HWM: 270

Critical Bench Viking Press      Pro Strongman Sean Smith

Stongman Event #3 - Conan's Wheel

The objective is to walk around the circle (the pipe is attached at the opposite end of where you lift it) as many times as possible within 75-seconds. Chalk only...no other friction aiding substances (tacky, spracy etc) allowed. All belt buckles must be to the rear. No resting the bar or the arms on the belt. Winner determinded by maximumm distance traveled.

LWW: 270, LWN: 360, LWM: 360, HWW: 360, HWN: 450, HWM: 540

Conan's Wheel      Conan's Wheel

Stongman Event #4 - Axle Deadlift for Reps

Athlete will need to deadlift their assigned weight using 2" axle bar weighted with 15' car tires. Chalk only. No straps. Mixed grip is fine. Ahtlete must wait for down signal from judge. Full powerlifting syle lockout required.

LWW: 295, LWN: 385, LWM: 455, HWW: 365, HWN: 455, HWM: 565

Axle Deadlifts      No APT Pro Wrist Straps Allowed For This Event!

Stongman Event #5 - Super TPS Short & Heavy Death Medley

Athlete must complete each event before moving on to the next leg of the medley.

Tire Flip: The tire flip is one of the coolest events to perform, impressive to watch, and physically taxing on the athlete. The tire will start in the down position. Athletes will have 90-seconds to complete 3 full flips. The tire cannot roll on end at any time.

Farmer's Walk: The farmer's walk is seen in many of the strongman competitions today and tests more than just the grip - it tests an athlete's agility, upper back and leg strength as well as their mental toughness. Athlete will lift two farmer's walk handles loaded with appropriate weight and carry them for 25' as fast as possible. the entire implement must cross the finish line. Unlimited drops are allowed. No dragging pushing or rolling the implements down the course. Both implements must be carried together.

Tombstone: The Tombstone (a.k.a. Husafell Stone) is often shaped like a shield and is anywhere from 200 to over 400 pounds in weight. The athlete will lift the stone off its stand, bear hug it, then walk it 25'. Implement must be carried with no external aids of any type. If a belt is worn in the medley the buckle must be facing to the rear. No shouldering will be permitted.

Tire Flip, Farmer's Walk, Tombstone
LWW: 135, 350, 200 LWN: 165, 425, 200 LWM: 205, 525, 250
HWW: 165, 425, 200 HWN: 205, 525, 250 HWM: 260, 705, 300

Tire Flip      Farmer's Walk


Misc. Stongman Competition Event Photos

Click each image for a larger view.


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