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May 26, 2022
Kono's Corner - Supplement Reviews

kono's supplement reviews Lately I have been getting a lot of questions on which companies I think are reputable and which are selling people dreams. So I made a list for everyone to check out. The best companies are the ones I feel have tried and true products that work great along with bringing in new formulas and products that are effective before others.

Everyone with a "best" rating I feel totally comfortable recommending all their products to anyone. Companies with a "good" rating may not be as innovative as the "best" companies but they put out some good products. Most of them have good stuff but there are a few products in their line that I feel are not effective and do not produce good results. The last rating is "poor". These companies in my opinion sell crap. Some of them make it even worse with their B.S. advertising saying "increases testosterone 800%" or their names that sound exactly like steroids or packaged to look like them. I think that is total bogus and they are stealing peoples money. I have tried a supplement personally from each of these companies with no results what so ever. Now remember all these ratings are in my opinion and only with my personal experiences and my clients experiences. I'm sure a few people will be pretty pissed but it's the TRUTH!! by Steve Konopka

Best Companies

FIZOGEN (except for their cheat tabs)
INSTONE (yes Sly has put out some good products)
EAS (geared towards athletes more than bodybuilders)
VPX (now that they have gotten rid of those pro-hormones they move up)

Good Companies

MUSCLE TECH (barely)

Poor Companies

IBE (OralTropin-1 great packaging insane if you believe this crap works)
CHEF JAY'S (trioplex bars)
CARVAGEN.COM (Every product is called a steroid and each one is useless)
SDI-LABS (three page ads doesn't mean your product works)

There you have it. Yes there are a few good companies I may have not listed and some poor ones as well so if you have any questions ask me! 54kono at criticalbench.com

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