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July 14, 2024
2 Supplements For Better Performance “DOWN THERE”
by Mike Westerdal of CriticalBench.com

2 Supplements For Better Performance DOWN THERE

I just got an email from my buddy, Jeff Anderson (aka the "Muscle Nerd") and I'm still in shock!

One of Jeff's most popular fitness programs (as you probably already know) is a book on how you can make your own bodybuilding, fat loss, and sports supplements.

Reviews on this are AWESOME because he literally shows you how to save up to 98% on all of your supplements and...

...HIS "personal recipes" work even BETTER than the expensive name brands!

But Jeff's outdone himself this time with his latest formula.

Let me explain why...

First of all, Jeff is known for being the "Average Joe's" champion because all of his programs are designed to be PRACTICAL for every day men (and women of course).

2 Supplements For Better Performance DOWN THERE

Well he'd been getting a lot of questions about how to overcome such "male problems" as...

...lack of confidence in the bedroom

..."size" issues

...performance anxiety

...problems "getting it up"

Ok, ok...I know this sounds like one of those 50 "uninvited emails" you get every day in your inbox, right?

But stay with me here because this topic is VERY SERIOUS and the information I'm about to share is a totally PROFESSIONAL take on this touchy subject.

In fact, this may describe one or two issues YOU may have experienced from time to time.

Or maybe you DON'T have any "problems", but want to take your "abilities" to the next level?

Well, no matter what your goal is, help has arrived...

First, Jeff found two SEPARATE studies took groups of men between the ages of 25-45 who suffered from mild to moderate E.D. that wasn't related to disease.

They then gave them a dose of 1.7 g of the amino acid L-Arginine once a day.

After 30 days, 5% of the group were reporting "normal" function in the land down-under.

Not much to sneeze at, right?

But check THIS out...

Researchers then added 40mg of the super antioxidant Pycnogenol twice per day along with the L-Arginine.

After 30 days a full 80% were reporting normal erections...without any side effects !

Adding a third dose of the Pycnogenol increased the success rate to 92.5%!

That's freaking AMAZING!

And in the SECOND study, 50 men were tested with the same combo...and ALL of them (yes...100%) were back to "normal" after 30 days!

2 Supplements For Better Performance DOWN THERE Even if you DON'T have E.D., this supplement combo can result in harder (even LARGER) erections and increased "performance".

But WAIT...it gets even BETTER!

As creator of the "Homemade Supplement Secrets" program, Jeff never stops at the "original formula".

He always does even MORE research to try to "turbo-charge" the power of all of his supplement recipes...and this was no exception.

In fact Jeff was just interviewed on this subject by "sex-pert" Jay Archer and he discusses the exact research AND a couple of "suprise ingredients" he's added to make this combination even BETTER!

And you can get the entire recorded call AND Jeff's "secret recipe" RIGHT NOW!

But there are 2 "catches"...

1. You have to own a copy of the "Homemade Supplement Secrets" program so you fully understand HOW to easily make your own supplements (including this recipe).

If you don't have a copy, this is a MUST READ...trust me!

It will actually pay for itself over and over again with the savings you get from learning how to make your own supplements.

If you don't have a copy, here's where you can check out Jeff's website for more info...


When you get to the site, you'll see this program listed among over $200 in bonuses at the bottom of the page.

It will be the one with the countdown timer running over it because this is ONLY available THIS WEEK!

So go and check this out now, ok?

Jeff's the only one who could have come up with something so revolutionary and approach it in such a professional way.

Here's the site again...


Enjoy the "recipe" (and your new "abilities" ;-)!


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