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August 8, 2022

Thrash Your Abs - Part 1
by Elliott Hulse

Thrash Your Abs - Part 1

With 1 Explosive “Primal” Circuit

Rip-up your midsection and set your metabolic dial to incinerate, with 5 explosive core movements done exclusively with cables? Not only am I about to destroy several ugly myths about core training but I am also going to hand you the keys to the most dynamic training circuit that has ever been designed.

If you are interested in having someone regurgitate the same old “core crap” that you are used to hearing with a new spin on it… then don't bother reading this article. I am about to expose you to a revolutionary paradigm with regard, not only shredding your abs to pieces, but also creating the most physically attractive and functionally sound, “rock solid” physique that you've ever imagined.

The first thing on the chopping block is the idea that your abs are meant to be isolated in exercise. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that in order to fulfill our physical potential we must “pick and choose” what body parts we are going to work on. This is the same idea that has pervaded western medicine and has created a million “specialists” that continue to know more and more about less and less. When we begin to realize the “relatedness” that everything has to one another we will experience transformation in our physiques, our vitality, our energy levels and our minds. You are in integrated assembly of systems and nowhere is this Truth more evident than with regard to your core.

Today, our bodies are an exact expression of what our ancestors were over 100,000 years ago (4). It is believed that it takes about 100,000 years for 0.001percent of a genome to change… so yourself and Primal Man are essentially the same (6). With the generally understood stance that Primal Man was a hunter and gatherer it is safe to say that our bodies are still designed with the primary objective of hunting and gathering (4).

Thrash Your Abs - Part 1

Our nervous system is designed in such a way that its most important function is to protect the vital organs and brain, so that you can get off your ass and search for sustenance in the great, dangerous wilderness (3). Obviously today we can just go to the local supermarket, but consider that this was not always the case. Primal Man and even Agricultural Man had to hunt and work HARD for his food.

Through evolution, our amazing nervous system has integrated all of our organs with our muscles. Each of your organs acts as the “soil” in which all of your external elements (arms, legs, abdominals, etc.) have sprung forth and therefore are linked via the nervous system (7). The left arm, for example is intrinsically linked via the nervous system to your heart. This explains why someone who is having a heart attack has their left arm go numb. The inhibitory effect on the muscles due to organ pain or inflammation is called viscero-somatic inhibition (VSI) (3).

“So what the hell does all of this mean for me and my flabby abs 'Primal Guy'?”

If it is understood that the function of your muscles are contingent upon the health and function of your organs and that the primary purpose of your having muscles is to hunt and gather so that you can sustain life - then I've just opened up a huge can of worms for ya!

The strength and function of your muscles, your abdominals in particular are severely effected by the health of your organs. Your deep abdominal wall, or transversus abdominus, is in the same nervous loop as your colon (3). So, if your colon is pissed off because you fill your gut with processed foods like protein shakes, “sports drinks” and bars… then you can expect your “enormous bellyus” to only grow bigger, even as you crunch your life away!

So the first essential prerequisite for completing the program that I have outlined below is: Clean Up Your Insides If you Want Your Outside To Look Good!

Thrash Your Abs - Part 1 No ab routine in the world is going to work for you if you continue to inhibit the muscles of your deep abdominal wall through a dysfunctional lifestyle and a poor, processed foods diet.

Next, the exercise program I've outlined below is “integrated”… it takes into account that your abs, being an intrical part of your “core”, the originator of all movements and, the protector of your organs… works together with every muscle in your body and in all movement patterns… as it has for thousands of years (1,2). Imagine Primal Man needing to use a Crunch Machine so that his abs would be strong enough to propel a spear through the ribcage of a stampeding buffalo for dinner!

The exercises below are not designed to isolate your abdominals but to integrate them… the way they are designed to work.

When you have begun to integrate your abdominals into all of your movements you will realize a rapid increase in your core musculature (5). For example, secondary to my legs, the sorest part of my body - a day after doing heavy dead lifts are my abs. This is due to my understanding of how this mechanism works and making a conscious effort to integrate my core into the bend pattern. You can do this too, and when you do… ab training will never be the same!

Say goodbye to boring post-exercise ab routines that serve to isolate only the abs and hello to the most exciting and effective full-body, TRUE core circuit ever developed. Build sturdy legs, cannon-like arms and, dominating strength while Thrashing Your Abs!

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