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October 4, 2023
Weight Lifting Hooks Straps

Weight lifting hooks work similar to weight lifting straps. Instead of wrapping the straps around the straight bar, you put weight lifting hooks on around your wrists and there is an aluminum or steel hook that will grasp any straight bar.

What purpose does this server? When you train your back heavy the weakest link often gives out or gets tired before the back has fatigued. Basically when you do heavy rows or shrugs your grip will slip before you back muscles are fully trained. You'll be amazed at the weights you can move with these weight lifting hooks. Get ready to see your back muscles grow! Oh, please don't use these to hang on bars. That's not what they are for. Choose the weight lifting hooks below that are right for you.

Super HEAVY Steel Weight Lifting HOOKs ( good to 750 lbs)

Weight Lifting Hooks


Aluminum Weight Lifting HOOKs FORWARD (good up to 250 lbs)

Weight Lifting Hooks


Extreme HOOK Lifting Strap, REVERSE GRIP

Weight Lifting Hooks

More Weight Lifting Hooks

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